Secret Ingredients To Make Your Restaurant Taste Like Success

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Thanks to the global economy recovering from the economic meltdown of 2007/8, new businesses are opening up left, right and center, and this is especially true in the restaurant game. Food is universally enjoyed, it is a major source of both happiness and comfort, and something that spans the world, both geographically and culturally. But that doesn’t mean opening a restaurant and getting a slice of the pie is easy.


First and foremost, you should never consider opening a restaurant if you haven’t got a passion for the industry; for food, drink, merriment and providing a service. If you haven’t got a passion for it, you will fail. However, passion isn’t enough to see you through on its own.

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The Perfect Menu

As a restaurateur, you need to make sure you know what your restaurant is and then make sure you know which audience it is targeting. This will help you focus on what your menu should be achieving. What’s more, you don’t need a long a long list to be a success; on the contrary in fact. Too much choice can be overwhelming compared to five options that are impeccable. When you have a long menu, people will end up choosing the ones they know best, instead of encouraging them to try your specialties, your bold and brave, your delicious creations. So go with the dishes that made you want to get into the restaurant business, to begin with.


The Staff Are Crucial

The people you pick with have just a big a role in your success as you and your menu. People go to restaurants for two reasons, the food and the experience, the latter being of great importance. Most people can cook at home. As such, you want those at the front of the house that will be polite and conversational, you want waiting staff to remember orders and your team of chefs to be well-trained, well-experienced and flawless with their dishes. People always talk about how good the food is in a place, but to have them talk about the experience, the service, well that will give you an added edge of the competition.

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Space You Have

First impressions count for everything, so make yours something that will enliven your guests from the moment they walk in. You want somewhere that people want to go, that your community will love, where they will want to take their romantic interests or their business clients, and that means having both a wow factor and comfort. So be conscious about how your place looks – the paint, lighting, furnishing, decorations, quirks, bar spread – and make sure that it delivers in terms of comfort too. A great example of this is Sarastro in London,, which uses its decor to influence the experience. In short, you will want something that stands out on Instagram, something photogenic that will garner likes and follows, and somewhere that will maintain this interest when the guests arrive.


The Reputation

The greatest ally you have is your reputation. This is where restaurants have succeeded beyond expectation and fallen from great heights. As such, think about all the ways a reputation can be influenced. It could be the story of how you came to be written poetically on your website. Perhaps you need to employ a company like that will take control of your online reviews and ensure that you aren’t losing out because of these. It could even be that you actively interact on social media, engage customers in conversation, have a place to leave reviews on your Facebook page, and update your Instagram with new picture three times a day. All of these will influence how people look at you and talk about you, all of these will engage and serve you, so make sure you manage them properly.

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