Setting Up Office: The Safe Way



So you’re starting up your dream business and are wondering what you should do next right? Well, maybe it’s time to get yourself an office and other employees that will help make your business grow, and hopefully get more and more successful.

Here’s what you should start doing now.


What you will need


Choose a space

If you are only starting a business on your with no help, then picking out a quiet corner of your house will be good enough. But if you’re ready to expand, then you should start looking at offices to rent. Have a think about how many employees you are planning on having, as this will decide on how big of a space you need. You will need a large enough room to accommodate everyone, but you don’t want to be cashing out on something too expensive just yet.


This could mean anything from documents to cabinets, drawers, desk and electronics. – Anything that you don’t need in your office, but want to keep hold of for the future – put it away in storage. Ideally, you want somewhere super secure, so look out for places that have strong gates with a combination lock. The harder and more hassle it is to get in – the better.

When putting your things in storage, be wise about how you stack everything. You want to leave as much space as possible because you never know when you will need to add (or take away). Try making it accessible and label everything, so you don’t have to open up every single both just to find one item.



You will need all the suitable furniture and equipment to go inside your office. So think chairs, desks, computers, printers, tables and whatever else you will need. You can find all of these things online, and it may be better than going to a store in person, as you can find all the best deals on the internet, and most sites will knock off a lot of money if you buy things in bulk (which you will have to do anyway!)

Bear in mind that you don’t have to buy brand new either, if you’re just starting out then, second hand furniture will make no difference.



You are going to need to communicate with potential clients over the phone, so make sure you get a phone system. The more professional it is – the higher ranking your business will get. So when you get asked the option of an answering machine – take it. Be sure to record the right message, whether you do it yourself, or get the system to read out something you have written. Clients want ease, always, so make everything clear and understandable. And if you tell them to call you back at a certain time, or vice versa – you better do it.



Don’t forget about the little things like pens, pencils, erasers, paper, and paper clips, etc. Although it seems simple and something that you can leave until last minute, you would be surprised at how much of these things you will actually need. Even if there’s only five of you in the office – don’t think that that means you can stick with five of everything. Pen ink runs out, as well as paper, so you will really need to stock up on these things, and make a note whenever something is running out so you can order more before you’re left with nothing.


How to stay safe


Reporting system

One of the first things you should do to ensure the safety of your business and your employees is to set up a reporting system. This is so that staff will know who to contact, and when to contact them in the case of an emergency. By doing this, it makes dealing with an issue a lot quicker and more efficiently, because everyone is prepared and knows what they are supposed to do.



You should test your fire alarm regularly, not only to make sure it still works, but to see if everyone knows how to react if it were a real emergency. If you have a sprinkler system, you should get regular checks done on this to make sure everything is working as it should or if you need to look into repairing your fire sprinklers.

It may feel like a nuisance, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Back pain

A big cause of injury within the workplace is actually due to back pain. This can be from sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day, to lifting heavy items. To prevent things like this from happening, it’s a good idea to hold training refreshers so you can go over how things should be done correctly to avoid injury, and even if there’s anything that you can do as a boss to ensure your employees are happy and pain-free.


Camera systems

Cameras are a perfect way to add extra security to your workplace. They not only worn off criminals, but they can capture any suspicious activity that may prevent something bad from happening in the future. You don’t just have to use them on the outside of the property through; you should definitely use them inside of your office too. We all want to trust our employees, but sometimes we can never be too careful. At least with a camera, you can be sure of picking up anything that isn’t to your liking, and deal with it head on.



Make sure that all your computers have all the correct protection on them against viruses and hackers. This means going through all the updates on your system, so it’s updated with the latest version. Most systems will do this automatically anyway, but if they don’t, make sure you keep on to of it.



First aid kit

There should always be well stocked first aid kits in your office. If you have more than one room, there should be multiple kits. If for any reason one has been opened and something has been used, you need to replace it as soon as possible.

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