Simple & Cheap Ways To Communicate With Your Startup Audience



Owning a startup is difficult. Communicating with suppliers, customers, staff, and investors can get you stressful at times, and often the hours you put in are long and frustrating. But there’s no need to keep your customers out of the loop with what’s going on with your promotions, discounts or new products. Giving a customer a journey to identify with can help your brand immensely at this point in your evolution. Thanks to the universally available digital world, the way clients interact with their favorite companies has changed for the better. Don’t let your startup miss out on this cheap tool, that yields so much and asks so little.


Here are the best ways you can effectively communicate with your audience.

Email Marketing or Mailing Lists


Without a doubt the best tool for directly addressing your audience in a professional and sleek way. The superior qualities newsletter lists have is that the customer will voluntarily ask to receive them due to a purchase or interest in your product. This means that you can get away with more direct, blunt promotion that a targeted Facebook ad would do, and you can tailor it to the demographics of your audience selectively. Just make sure you’re dispatching intelligent, respectful and tasteful emails that are worth your customers time to read. For inspiration, check out some great email newsletter examples here.




Facebook is a good way to keep a permanent persistent profile, as well as keep your clients up to date on daily occurrences. Just make sure you have someone professional at the helm doing the work here, as you might receive negative reviews for seemingly no reason from those who just wish to cause chaos online.


It takes a wise and honest person to professional respond to these reviews by intelligently removing the fake ones and keeping the real. Also, depending on the humor of the one involved in the social media engagement, it’s easy for a crass or otherwise poorly thought out post can alienate some of your intended demographic. Use your best judgment here.




Twitter is a great way to communicate with other startups or prospective clients. It’s also a dynamic and quick way to separate your main profile from a support account you can make to speedily respond to requests. Just ensure you’re doing so in a professional, courteous manner. Making use of the humorous twitter ‘retweet’ culture can help your business associate itself with a positive reputation, obviously depending on your audience. If you’re selling stairlifts, twitter humor might be lost on your audience. But if you’re selling a product aimed at the younger generations, the retweets you might accumulate are some fantastic free exposure.


The personal touch is always the best, and so mailing lists reign as the king here. Despite the universality and ability to connect with a huge audience that social media accounts promise to provide, your clients often want the personal touch. They want to be emailed codes they don’t think anyone else will receive for discounts on your website. They want to know they’re a valued customer. Make use of this and watch your brand loyalty grow throughout all of your audience.


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