Skilled Construction Work Has Never Been More interesting: But What To Consider When Starting Out?

Working in the construction industry is not only a job that involves some manual labor in some roles, but it can also require a high level of skill and certification. Gone are the days where you would get yourself a job on a building site as a laborer without some form of qualifications and certificates under your belt. Especially for some of the more complicated and risky machinery that you might be required to maneuver. Working in the construction game now requires much more skill and diligence, and it has never been more interesting to get involved in the fast paced industry as it is today. But first, a quick rundown of what you may need to consider should you be thinking about a role in the construction world.


Finding an entry-level job opportunity


Finding a role to suit your skills and requirements should be relatively easy, given the fact that there are ample jobs due to the rise of the construction industry in recent years. However, one key point to consider is that some roles will give off the impression that they may be entry-level, where they still may require experience in the role beforehand. Trainee or apprenticeship doesn’t necessarily mean anyone can apply. So when looking for the right position ensure you read the job description fully to ensure that you meet all of the requirements. The last thing anyone wants is to waste time and energy on something that isn’t going to evolve into an opportunity.


However, some trainee positions just require you to have the ability to work. Which leads me nicely onto my next point.


Ensuring you are in good physical health


An entry-level construction role normally will consist of a lot of manual labor, so ensuring that you are physically fit and able to do the job will be an important factor when applying. Taking care of your fitness levels and making sure you have a good healthy diet are just some of the ways you can keep your body in good health.


Have you got the right skills, certificates, and qualifications?


Some construction roles, or when you advance up to different levels, will require you to use specific machinery. This can be anything from forklift trucks to EPW’s (which are elevated platforms for you to gain access to inaccessible areas). However, these types of trucks, machines, and equipment require the use of specific licenses and skills, not to mention cards and certificates for health and safety and occupational health. This is why you may need to undergo training for yellow card or similar licenses and certificates.


What to wear


Finally, it’s important to ensure your safety on site when taking on a construction or laboring role. This is why your workwear is vastly important. Considering things like waterproof rigger boots, high visibility jackets, and safety hats. Amongst other things like waterproof trousers etc. Weather is also something you need to be wary of.
I hope this helps you be more informed when it comes to starting out in the construction industry.

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