So What Have You Done?

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One half of 2015 is gone, only to be lived in the past and analyzed for shortcomings and triumphs. As you look back on the first 6 months of 2015 and move forward towards the remaining 6 months; What sticks out for you?

It is good habit to constantly analyze ourselves as we progress forward day-to-day, month-to-month. Doing so forces us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses in not only our entrepreneurial pursuits but also in life. (real entrepreneurship will become your life, influencing your lifestyle)

A person who desires to achieve great success in life must first have a true understanding of themselves, acknowledging the good and bad within themselves. Therefore, in order to position ourselves to finish the year off right, we must be mindful of what is hindering our progression of achieving our stated desire of progression.

One thing that has hindered my desired state of progress for this year is: not creating strict time management and a lack of consistent persistency. I have many things I have to do to not only grow my business but also grow this blog community and establish my authority within the entrepreneurial community. In order to effectively work so many different pieces of each initiative; I must adhere to a disciplined workflow and outsource other tasks which I lack sufficient expertise within. Time is too valuable to be wasted and should be maximized as much as possible in order to achieve many things within your mandated timeframe.

Persistency relates to hustle and I hate to say my hustle has been on and off recently. For someone who prides himself as: The Entrepreneur Hustler, my recent activity has been far from being qualified for having such a title. The easiest part of being an entrepreneur is having great ideas. The hardest part is constantly working those ideas into existence, despite how drained or uninspired you may be feeling any given day. But there are no excuses in entrepreneurship, so you go on despite your feelings and get shit done. You have to be your hardest critique and push yourself out of any funk you are experiencing because the pursuit of the hustle never ceases.

So what about yourself?

How have your actions played a role in impacting your year so far?

Greatness requires action, analysis and revised action. You started out the year with action. Hopefully you consistently analyzed your progression. Now it is time to refocus your efforts with revised action, which will work towards improving your effectiveness and enabling continued growth.

Let’s make it happen!

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