Are Your Staff Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Trust is an important aspect of the employee-employer relationship. They need to have confidence in your leadership skills and the direction in which you’re taking the company. You need to have confidence that they’re working to the best of their ability and always have the company’s best interests at heart. Sadly, not every person always makes for a model employee. Whether meaning to or not, sometimes staff can end up hurting your business more than they help. Below, we take a look at a few employee issues you should be looking out for – and what you can do about them.





One of the biggest ways an employee can hurt your business is by working unproductively. People often don’t mean to lack productivity: they just do. It’s usually a result of lack of work engagement, career stagnation, or just because they know they can get away with. If you’re noticing that some of your long-term employees are letting their standards slip, take action. Try to make them happier at work (happiness=more productive), and keep their working day varied.

Abusing Your Trust


Everybody wants to be a generous boss, but the truth of the matter is that some employees see this as a weakness to exploit, and take advantage of it. A typical example of this is feigning illness to get time off work, all the while getting paid. To combat this, you should have an illness procedure in place, which will work as a deterrent. If you suspect an employee is fraudulently claiming illness, hire a private detective to determine what’s really happening. If they’re shown to be lying, you’ll have a legal case and won’t have to fork out the money to pay their wages.


Those Bad Apples


If you stick enough people in an office together, eventually someone will turn out to be a bad apple. The odds demand it. While you might be able to live with someone being a bit of a troublemaker if they’re getting business results, have a think about how their actions affect other areas of your business. They’re a representative of your company and may damage your business reputation. They might also affect morale within the office, which will reduce employee happiness and engagement.


Good Intentions, Poor Execution


Sadly, even the employees with the best of intentions can sometimes compromise your company. This happens if they’re routinely under performing, and not meeting the high standards you have set for your business. They might also fail to absorb the training days you provide for them, which will affect your company’s ability to grow. If they’re under performing, develop a strategy just for them that’ll give them the platform to improve. A good template for this can be found here.


Hiring Right


All of the issues outlined above can be avoided if you do one simple thing: hire the right employees. Take the time to review your hiring process, including the advertisement, interview questions, and background checks, and ensure you always end up with the right worker for your company.

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