Step Up Your Game: Show & Prove

step your game up
As the new year approaches, only one thing is on my mind: I have to step my game up! I came to this realization due to various setbacks I have endured over the last few months. I lost my dream car, have had hard financial crunches and basically have not been progressing as I should have in my chosen profession. I could choose to blame this on surrounding circumstances and other factors beyond my control, but ultimately I realized I am the ruler of myself and my experiences in this world.

This means my existence is a reflection of my continuous effort, commitment towards self-development and non-stop hustle. No bitching about this and that, no blaming others; just me focusing my concentration on elevating myself to successful status.

In the world we live in today, everybody wants to be recognized for some sort of distinction, appear important. The dilemma that exists though is: Why are you worthy of such recognition?
Why exactly should you be granted success?

Can you answer these questions truthfully and without embellishing your actual worth as it is today?
What do you mean? Worth is the value you can provide to people that produces results which impact their life, business with a positive return on investment.

If you cannot answers these questions at this very moment without hesitation, then it is time to step your game up and show & prove.

Step Your Game Up:

Stepping your game up simply means; stop doing just enough to make some sort of effort in order to get by. Many entrepreneurs operate on this basis of doing just enough and don’t even realize it.

Why not? Because they have conditioned themselves to distort reality and only perceive what they want to believe.

This sort of mentality leads to mediocrity and unrealized potential never being evolved. Take for example the difference between Michael Jordan and Vince Carter. Michael Jordan is recognized as the greatest because he was determined to be the greatest, put in the work to be the greatest and performed day in and day out like the greatest. (even on an off night) Vine Carter was supremely gifted athletically but seemed to be ok with just having that given recognition. While he is still productive today and has balanced out his overall game; he never possessed the hunger to be above the status of very good and strive for greatness. ( such as Kobe Bryant)

Stepping your game up is more of a mental aspect than a physical aspect. Your mental mindset is what propels you to achieve beyond expectations because it is just that powerful when you dismiss its perceived limitations.
You can’t be successful with average, fearful actions.
You can’t be wealthy with poor, irrational actions.
Apply yourself, work your ass off to improve yourself and along the way you will produce quality results.

Show & Prove:

You can talk a good game but if the results are lacking then you will get labeled as full of shit. Never let this distinction be applied to you because the stench takes a long time to wear off, if it ever does.

As an entrepreneur, your word is everything. If your words don’t align with your actions, you will certainly turn people off and have a hard time winning them back over. You eliminate this possibility by holding yourself accountable for what you put into the atmosphere.

You have to be able to squarely look people in their eyes and say; watch how I make this happen and be successful while doing it. It starts with a statement, it moves towards actions being applied to the statement and finally the outcome produced is the results which were desired. You show you have the confidence and ambition and prove you know how to execute upon the outcome you initially outlined to be accomplished. There is nothing greater than experiencing and providing successful results.

I will write one or two more post to finish out this year because I am about to focus my efforts for the remainder of this year on stepping my game up. My desire is to be the an authority in the entrepreneur community and I am going to work day and night to make this happen. 2015 is upon us. Step your game up now or be left behind while the few of us make the effort to succeed and win in life!


  1. It’s great to see your source of ambition firing up. I can hear it through your writing. It’s like you’re fed and and motivated to finally step your game up as you mentioned earlier. What sets people apart aren’t goals they set for themselves, but just how far they’re willing to go to become the best at it. People often become the first person to do something, but it’s the best person at that job who is remembered. That’s why most people don’t know who’s the first great basketball player is, but everyone is familiar with Michael Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron. I remember doing a short reading about Kobe and his work ethic is amazing. Even though he’s still considered one of the best basketball players in history, he still gets up at 4 in the morning to practice his weak areas before the rest of the team comes into the gym to practice. It’s acts like those which places a person above others. That’s why it’s said if you’re going to chase after something, you better be in love with it.

    December 18, 2014
    • Yura Bryant said:

      Exactly most people want success to come easy and unfortunately I used to be one of those people. Success requires you to work your ass of consistently, never becoming content and staying hungry to elevate yourself to a higher standard. The keyword though is CONTENT. People preach about doing something different in order to get different results but are too comfortable with their existing state in order to do the required work. I appreciate the comment and am glad you like the blog post. Stay tuned for more post on the subject.

      December 18, 2014

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