Stepping Out On Your Own: Establishing Your Freelance Career

You might believe you’re skilled enough at writing, web designing, or translation to have a successful freelance career, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately quit your day job and wait for the money to come flooding in. It takes time to build a good reputation, which is the biggest thing you need to have if you expect to make a decent living as a freelancer. By all means, take any opportunity to demonstrate the quality of your work, but perhaps you should try these methods before you quit your job to become a full-time freelancer.

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Build a portfolio

Most businesses reach out to specialized companies when they need a content writer or web designer because they can demonstrate their previous success with other clients. As a freelancer, you also need to show some examples of your previous work to prove that you are just as capable as the big companies – but quite cheaper. If you’re a freelance writer, then you can demonstrate your talent by writing a blog, and writing guest posts on other websites. To build up a bit more hype when you start out, you can go to and pay for someone to write comments on your blog posts. It will get other people interested in your blogs, build up a following, and show prospective clients that you’re capable of writing engaging content that sparks debate.


Budget-friendly advertising

The only way your clients will find you if you advertise your services really well. Most businesses have a website to promote their company, and it can work just as well for a freelancer. Setting up a website is so easy, the almost everyone now has one; just go to, find a memorable domain name that reflects your business idea, and design an eye-catching website with engaging content. The purpose of your website is to demonstrate why people should use your services over someone else. If it’s possible, include a few testimonials from previous clients so that people know that you are worth the cost to their business.

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Establish your price

In your early days, you might be tempted to undersell yourself just to attract more customers, but this is a common freelance mistake that should be avoided at all cost. People believe they get what they pay for, and if your prices are too low they might suspect you’re not a worthwhile investment. Also, you won’t get free as a freelancer if you can’t pay your bills once you’re working alone full time. The best way to build a good reputation is by working for clients that will pay good money, and recommend you to other high caliber clients if they’re satisfied with your work. Make sure you agree upon a payment with your clients (either on an hourly basis, or on completion of the project), and then keep a detailed account of all your work. You should never hesitate to chase a client if they owe you money.

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