Success Can be Found In The Detail.

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The small things in life, and in business, aren’t actually that small. In fact, it is these tiny little things, the things we may consider to be minutiae, that often hold the most sway over our chances of success. Worry about the small things and the big things will take care of themselves, that’s how the saying goes right. Of course, if that isn’t enough to peak your interest, Steve Jobs believed that success was in the detail, and he was what we could call quite successful.


You see, all too often we get worked up about the bigger things that affect our business, and our hopes, even though we usually tend to have very little or even no influence over these things. That’s where the little things come in, because these are the things we do influence and control, and these are the things that your customer’s notice when they do business with you. For example, there is nothing you can do about a competitor setting up shop across the street, but your offering better.

3 Little Things:


The Internet Is For Everyone

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but if you own a business then you need to have WiFi that reaches every corner of your premises. People are now addicted to their phones. There are no two ways about it. As a society, we are on them all the time, which is why you need to ensure you don’t get in the way of this. Put it this way, it is far better to offer internet access to your customers and have that detail go unnoticed than to not offer it and have people inconvenienced. It is little things like this that could see you become more or less desirable than your competitors.


Have A System In Place

It is so much easier to become successful if you have the systems in place to help you. Systems save a lot of hassle, a lot of time, a lot of expense, a lot of confusion and a lot of mistakes. It could be a system that handles big and complex needs, such as using Doosan machines to be more efficient in terms of time and accuracy, or it could be something as simple as an invoicing system to free up resources in your office. Whatever it is, train your staff on how to operate these systems and you will see your efficiency and productivity increase.


Make Sure Every Hair Is In Place

We watched a film recently called The Intern, which is about a woman who started an e-commerce company that boomed. One of the things she did in the film struck as brilliant. She ordered an item from her own website to see what the service and experience were like. She did it to see where she could improve. She did it to make sure every hair was in place. Yes, your client’s experience is important, but so is the packaging of your products, the branding on your items, the way your staff talks on the phones, the state of your office bathrooms, the wording on your website, the stockists you go with and the clothes you wear to meetings. Everything needs to be thought about, so think about it when you walk into work tomorrow.

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