The year of 2012 seemed to be a year that had a lot of great promise but sharply fell flat in delivering any generous returns on such promises. Our so-called leaders have increased their bickering and unwillingness to compromise, it seems the citizens of this country have gone mad and our push towards stability and progressive growth has stalled. Going into 2013 looks like the bad we were in is only going to get worst. That in itself is a very scary thought to ponder. Read More An Examination of 2012

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As 2011 can be defined as a year of ups and downs, 2012 is hoped to be a year of rebuilding. Many people’s hopes rest on 2012 being the year that begins the transition out of high unemployment and overwhelming debt towards new beginnings although that is seen as doubtful. The thing that I fear most about this hope is that people are waiting for things to change for the better rather than create their own opportunities for change. As I stated in previous writings times are shifting towards a more entrepreneurial mindset that enables innovative, forward thinking progression. This means many people must abandon the traditional structure of thinking and begin to embrace independent thinking outside of the structured thought of a dependent society. Read More How to Prepare for the Year 2012

Entrepreneurship Innovation Self-Improvement