In part 1 of Putting the Pieces Together, we spoke about people and resources. Lets briefly review those two components before we move forward in order to remember their importance. People are important in order to give support and a helping hand when in need. Resources are important because they help you connect the dots when you are unable to do so within your own individual efforts. These two components clearly point out the fact that you cannot do it all on your own if you want to succeed. Remember this is a puzzle you must assemble; pieces(the right ones) are needed for the construction of the continued work in progress.

With people and resources already covered, we will move along to network and skills and see how they fit into the equation. Read More Putting the Pieces Together Part II

Entrepreneurship Self-Improvement Small Business

In today’s challenging job market and economic climate, being an entrepreneur seems like the most rewarding employment status. What most people  do not realize about entrepreneurship though is that it is not as simple as it seems. Having a business idea, establishing that business idea and reaping the benefits of that business should be pretty simple right? Well not exactly. Countless numbers of people come up with ideas for a promising product or service but do not possess the ability to make those ideas functional. This is one of the most difficult things about entrepreneurship; moving from idea to execution but even with this difficulty people are  still venturing towards entrepreneurship. So the almighty question people are asking is, “Can I become an entrepreneur?” Read More Can I Become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship Self-Improvement Small Business

When you think about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship what do you envision? In all likelihood you picture an individual doing what they love to do and living the life they want to live. It is the common image of entrepreneurship that has been put into our heads that makes us believe being an entrepreneur is all peaches and cream. The reality of the fact though is that entrepreneurship involves more than a good idea about how to enhance or change an existing situation. Entrepreneurship is about having an idea, formalizing that idea and having that idea be accepted by your target market. Read More Ambitions of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship Innovation Self-Improvement Small Business