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The Coming Divide: Where Do You Fall Along the Line?

In a previous post I discussed the Coming Divide, which highlights the bold dividing lines wealth and income plays in our society. If you have not read it prior to viewing this post I encourage you to do so. The reality of our nation is that it is owned by a few hands, 10% of the total population if we are speaking statistically. Further expanding on this control, this 10% holds over 90% of the financial wealth in this nation. That is a mind-boggling statistic to fully comprehend. What makes these statistics even more daunting is the reality of the ever shrinking pie that the majority are left to eat from. Just so we understand, the majority is those of us who are not fortunate enough to be included in the coveted 10%. We all know that the Great Recession was fierce and its damaging impact was great, but where was the most damage inflicted? Read the rest of this entry

The Coming Divide


The world we live in today is very fragmented and divided. We are divided in our ideology, in our educational attainment, in our societies but probably most importantly in our wealth. Money, wealth, finances and social class are very discussed words in the world topics of today. These words point to the growing issue we all nearly face, not only as a nation but on a global scale. To say it plain and simple, “the rich continue to get richer while the poor get poorer.” Read the rest of this entry

Unemployment, Low-Wages & Entrepreneurship

CNN Money recently had an article posted on its website called “The low-wage jobs explosion.” The article basically explained how the resurgence in the job market has largely been fueled by low-wage jobs. These are the type of jobs that can barely, if at all cover the basic necessities for one to live comfortably. Matter of fact let’s take out the word comfortably and just say to maintain a reasonable standard of living. This means a continual erosion of the middle class is occurring in our American society. As the middle class is progressively shifted downwards, government assistance is elevated in order for people to acquire the basic goods and services no longer afforded to them. And this is just low-wage jobs we are talking about so take into account the impact that unemployment is having on our overall economy. Read the rest of this entry

Does July 4th Still Represent America’s Independence?

It is July 4th; fireworks are being exploded, barbeques are being cooked and people are enjoying the holiday as a whole. Today is supposed to represent a day of independence but does the concept of the day still apply in our present state of affairs? America is in a dismal state and most people who live within its boundaries reflect this sentiment. The independence we are celebrating seems to be a farce since our future independence as a leading nation is in danger. Read the rest of this entry

Understanding The Global Economy

Lately you may have been hearing the terms “global economy” and “global competitiveness”. Just as the name states the global economy is an economy that is dependent on production and consumption on a global scale. This means that production at one place can equate to products being consumed at another location thousands of miles away. This would seem like a great situation but the advantages of a global economy can sometimes seem minimal compared to its disadvantages. What disadvantages can come from a globally connected marketplace you may ask. Let’s take a look at the global economy and how it shapes the economy and job market we all operate within. Read the rest of this entry

What is Entrepreneurial Thinking?


Lately you might be hearing the terms “entrepreneurial mindset” and “think like an entrepreneur” being used a lot. Viewing things within an entrepreneur lens and operating like an entrepreneur has become the latest trend or better yet the latest business philosophy. This way of thinking and doing things is now being identified as the best way to produce innovative ideas and to help towards developing a vibrant job market. But what many people want to know is; “what is entrepreneurial thinking and how do I acquire it?” Read the rest of this entry

No Hustle, No Success

Entrepreneurship is about mastering the art of hustling. The act of hustling means to act in an aggressive manner to achieve a self mandated goal no matter how difficult it may be. In today’s world the hustler mentality is essential to surviving amongst the declining infrastructures in today’s society. To be honest as the infrastructures of society crumbles around us, the people within its environment begin to exhibit regressing qualities also. Maybe this is due to some giving up and conceding to the perception that things look too awful to overturn or maybe some have just become immune to doing hard work. Whatever the case, it presents plenty of opportunity for those who are willing to hustle hard and work. Read the rest of this entry

Innovation: The Answer to Recovery. Part II Job Creation

Since my first introduction on the innovative aspect our environment has not really changed, which is expected. It would be impossible to re-shift such a stubborn climate in the time span of a month in a half. The problem though is there still seems to be no answer on how to best fix the stagnant, declining situation we are currently in. Our leaders are just as clueless as average citizens on how to reenergize our economy. This is not acceptable when we have so much on the line with little time to waste as things keep getting worse. With high unemployment comes decreased consumption, which means little to no economic activity and limited job creation. This means teenagers and young adults graduating from college are facing a job market that is unwelcoming. This in turn creates a major void in our country’s future progression and development. Something has to be done and done quickly. Read the rest of this entry

Situational Overview

The environment we are functioning in is very up and down with the down becoming more consistent. One minute a rebound is on the horizon and with the next minute momentum is gone and fear talk emerges. This seesaw effect of predictions mixed with emotions creates a negative state of confusion that discourages any hope for productive recovery. The experts explain their opinions on what is currently occurring and what they anticipate to transpire in the future, which all blurs together into endless uncertainty. This in turn makes it nearly impossible for a chance of recovery to take place because both consumers and producers are fearful of the unknown environment that awaits them. Read the rest of this entry

Redefining and Realizing The American Dream

I will go on record and say that the U.S. is definitely undergoing an economic reset, which will restructure the American Dream. I believe the days of overflowing prosperity and immense abundance are over for a while if not forever. This is due to the fact that as we reset our system we must purge out the excess that has left us bloated with deadweight. It is now time to burn off the toxic weight and operate within a lean mindset focused on efficiency. Realistically this means income levels may have to be reduced and some programs which require massive spending with no return will have to be scaled back. It may not be pleasing but tough times call for tough measures. Read the rest of this entry


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