You set your business a few years ago, and you’ve steadily been growing each year. In fact, you’ve had quite a successful run and you’ve broken through your expectations. But, now you want to move on, you want to roll with the big guys. You can’t stay a little fish forever; you’ve got to start attracting big clients, ones which are industry pillars and are known around the world in their respective fields.

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Prepare your attack


When you get up to pitch to a potential investor or client, you’ve got to be on you A game. If you can, before you go into a board meeting where you’ll be trying to convince the brand to choose you for their next operation, learn a thing or two about the board. The fact is, in the team of people you’re pitching to, they’ll be one person who has the final say. Find out who that person is, and style your pitch toward them.

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