Setting up a business is the first step to success, running it well and continuing to grow in the future are the next things that you should focus on. The path to success is littered with pitfalls, however, and you will certainly find yourself having to adapt and deal with potential threats as your business grows. Knowing what to do, and crucially what NOT to do as a business owner will help you steer clear of potential threats to your business.


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Not Delivering On Your Promises

If you promise something, or even if you have stated something in the path and have been called out on it, it is important to deliver on this or own up straight away with a suitable reason for why you are unable to do this, if you wish to be viewed as someone with integrity. Do not promise something you do not think you can achieve or deliver on as this will create problems in the future. While setting high expectations for yourself and what you hope to be able to deliver is a great way to motivate you and your staff, it is much more important to keep your promises and stick to what you say you can achieve. For more information on how to plan realistic goals look  at the following link where you can find out how to make realistic job expectations. When you are open and upfront about what you expect and what you can offer, people will respect your honesty and the way in which you are open and frank, as long as you stick to this. This also includes paying your employees on time and arriving at meetings on time as a sign of mutual respect and what you would expect from your employees.

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