Last weekend I had the opportunity to be included as special guest media at a great event. I was asked to come out and cover, The I Am Boss 2015 Conference. I Am Boss is an event produced by Boss Christian Network, which is a business network that operates on Christian principles. Tamara Diahann, the founder of Boss Christian Network, believes that there is no reason for Christians to separate their religion from their business.

With the I Am Boss Christian Conference, I believe Tamara wanted to give the attendees a great deal of information and value for a very reasonable price of admission. From financial institutions to image consultants, the industries represented at the conference greatly varied. As it was the first conference held by Boss Christian Network, I can say that it was handled very well. Putting on a live event is no easy task and the expectations which are set can be very hard to achieve on the first go around. Read More I Am Boss 2015 Conference Review