Creating a startup is a challenging time. It’s when all of your skills must come together in order to progress forward with what you have got to offer. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the game for a while, there are still learning curves that you have to experience in order to ground yourself. Not only this, but the education that each one provides can be the most useful tool to you when starting up your own business. So here’s a heads up on some of the things that might just be coming your way…

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It’s Beneficial To Outsource


As much as you want to keep work within your own business, it really can be beneficial to you to outsource some of it. Even if it’s just a small percentage. What you want to achieve here is revenue-generating jobs for you to do, and there are some which just aren’t. Even if you paid somebody within your workforce to do it, it may be a lot of their (read: yours) time taken up doing a task which could be quite challenging to them but oh so simple for somebody who works specifically in that industry as a professional. For example, if you wanted some graphic design doing, it’s better to outsource it to someone for a good price rather than paying a wage or a salary to somebody who will sit down and spend days on something that’s substandard. It’s just the chance that you’ve got to take. Not only will you save yourself time, but you will possibly also save yourself a lot of money. It doesn’t have to stop at outsourcing for one-off jobs like art; you can get your printing outsourced, your PA, your accounting … everything that you can think of. A quick online search will be able to point you in the right direction for what you need. Always go with somebody who has been recommended, either through a trusted source or online reviews from a website that you visit frequently. That way you know what to expect from the person you are hiring.

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The good news is that fresh-faced business owners are expected to make mistakes and given a little leeway here and there. But it’s only a little leeway. There are a few areas of business that early mistakes can evolve into issues that last for its entire existence. If you put the kibosh on these errors early, you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

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The team

The early adopters of any business are the people who will have the greatest impact on the business going forward. That’s not just true for customers but for employees, too. Make sure that the people you’re hiring are committed to the ideas of the business and that you have found them the roles that help them not only contribute but stay engaged in their work. Even a brand-new employer has to be a good manager, paying attention that employee needs are fulfilled and that their motivation is kept high. Unhappy, ill-fitting team members can be a big sabotaging factor in a young business.

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People trust big businesses. This is because a business that is big comes across as more established, more successful and more credible. But what if you’re only a small start-up trying to compete with these big fish? How do you attract business if no-one is willing to give the small guy a chance? Simple – you act big.


With many businesses operating largely online, acting big has never been easier. Here are just a few tactics that will help to give the impression that you are an established empire and not a tiny start-up.

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So you’ve got a great idea, you’ve got the plan in place, you’ve got the team ready and raring to go but you’re not sure quite where to start when setting up your office. No problem, here is our list of top office essential for your new start up.


Desks & Chairs


Think about the size of your team and plan out the layout of your office, calculating how many desks you will need and what will be the most comfortable and attractive layout for your staff. If you plan to be increasing your team steadily over the coming years, you may want to purchase a few extra desk spaces so that you are ready for when that happens. Don’t over do extra desks however as you don’t want your office to look like it’s half empty, as that will give off the wrong impression to any clients that come over for meetings.

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Getting started is always the biggest challenge in business. It requires lots of hard work, determination, and dedication to this new way of life. A clear vision and well-defined goals will certainly help you succeed. Perhaps more importantly, a close eye on your spend is needed. This will prevent you spending more than you have and acquiring debts. Here are five money-saving ideas to help you get going:


Business Premises


A big fancy office will certainly impress your potential clients and suppliers. However, your suppliers will credit check you. They will see that the office doesn’t match your historical returns and they’ll steer well clear of you. Live within your means and don’t pretend to be more than you are. As for your clients, honesty is always the best policy! If you can’t operate from home, choose your offices wisely. There are free zones that may help save you some taxes, and there are also authority-run business centers to help you find desk space on a budget. Once the money starts rolling in, you can invest in a property that better suits your business needs.

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When you first start up a business, you might have starry-eyed expectations and hopes for the future. However, a few months in and your brand will most likely start collecting cobwebs. Many people start up a business with high expectations, only for people to forget about their business and sooner or later, it will crumble under the weight of other businesses and be forgotten by the public. This is mainly because people don’t take your business seriously enough.


Whether you’re a freelancer that wants to take their skills to the next level, or a tradesman that wants to provide a niche product to the masses, you have to keep in mind that in order to remain memorable, you have to get people to take your new startup seriously.

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