We’re living in strange times. Strange times politically, socially and financially. Time seems to move faster these days, and it’s largely in part to the streamlined nature of the internet and other technological devices. Information is so widely accessible today and knowledge so easy to acquire that in our pockets, most of us carry a tool that can access the full repository of accumulated human knowledge. We can also use it to contact anyone across the entire world. We call it a smartphone and take it for granted. Imagine trying to explain to someone 100 years ago the function of this device. To use a colloquial phrase, it would blow their minds.

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With the accelerated speed of how life moves these days, and how the information marketplace seems to be saturated with ideas both good and bad, it can be difficult to really feel how things have changed by just memory alone. The technological advancements over the last decade have been profound, and that’s without mentioning the advancements over the last 30 years.


50 years ago, IT consulting for businesses was barely a thing. These days, however, there are massive international firms that can help support systems and keep a business more available, reactive, and research driven as they’ve ever been.


These are but a few of the technological advantages that certain geniuses have most likely bestowed upon your workplace environment.

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Automation is becoming a huge buzzword in business. With companies threatening to raise minimum wages; businesses are having to look for new ways to get their work done. Reliance on employees is going to dwindle in the future. And, it’s best to be prepared for this. Of course, most small companies can’t afford to invest in huge robotic systems, which can physically get work done for them. For that, people are still the cheapest option. But, when it comes to digital work; loads of it can be automated. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the ways you can use this tech in your company.

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The story of the next decade is going to be one of automation. Right now, there is a pool of nascent technologies which are going to remake the world in the 2020s. These technologies include deep learning, machine learning, robotics, quantum computers and 3D printing. According to a McKinsey report, more than 50 percent of tasks performed by people in their jobs could be automated today, meaning that the potential upside for businesses is enormous. Imagine the productivity gains of getting a computer to half the tasks your workers do today?


It should be pointed out that this isn’t something that is happening only in the manufacturing sector. Yes – manufacturing happens to be the place where the majority of automation has occurred in the past. But with the rise of artificial intelligence, that’s no longer the case. Instead, it’s now cognitive work which is being taken over by the machines – and the pace of this take over will only accelerate.


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