In the world there are two distinctive groups of people: those who take action and those who just talk. The group labeled the talkers is what dominates the world and is what creates the great divide we see in the world today. What is this divide exactly? The divide I speak of is the separation of those living life and those just existing in life. Living meaning that you are experiencing life with full potential; not having to question what could have been. Existing meaning that life passes you by and you constantly wonder what it feels like to take a risk. Are you the later of the two? Are you constantly worried about what if that you steer clear of doing anything that is not of the norm for you? Read More Stop Contemplating On Pursuing the Idea

Entrepreneurship Innovation Self-Improvement Small Business

In today’s challenging job market and economic climate, being an entrepreneur seems like the most rewarding employment status. What most people  do not realize about entrepreneurship though is that it is not as simple as it seems. Having a business idea, establishing that business idea and reaping the benefits of that business should be pretty simple right? Well not exactly. Countless numbers of people come up with ideas for a promising product or service but do not possess the ability to make those ideas functional. This is one of the most difficult things about entrepreneurship; moving from idea to execution but even with this difficulty people are  still venturing towards entrepreneurship. So the almighty question people are asking is, “Can I become an entrepreneur?” Read More Can I Become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship Self-Improvement Small Business