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For many people, setting up their own business is a sign of being really good at their job. However, being an excellent stylist or beauty specialist doesn’t necessarily translate to a brilliant business, and here’s why.


Your Location Isn’t Right

A business is all about that one important word, marketing. And with all the best marketing in the world, if you don’t have a place that people can access on foot, you can kiss goodbye to huge amounts of customers. Foot traffic is a vital component of setting up any beauty business, and people need to see inside if their interest is piqued. You can also appeal to more people passing by when compared to something like an online business. Online, people will, for the most part, go where they want to go to buy something, and it’s not as personal as a physical setup. If your location isn’t in the middle of a busy city center, you will lose a lot of potential custom.

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