For the most part, you want your business to run as smoothly as possible. You want it to be simple, effective, a well-oiled machine that buzzes through its everyday business without a moment’s pause.


Then, the spanner in the works blows that all apart.


One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is when there is a kink in the supply chain. Your business relies on numerous other businesses when you produce products. You need the business who supplies the ingredients – from literal ingredients for a cake business, or electrical components if you operate in the tech sector – to keep coming up with the goods. If there is a delay in your order, then it can cause chaos.



Interrupting this chain can damage your business massively.

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Small Business

Unless you have an incredibly niche product or a service nobody has ever heard of before, you’re likely to encounter fierce competition on your way to the top. Competition can be tough to handle, but it can also drive your business forward and encourage you and your team to work towards targets. If you’re a business owner, it’s essential that you know how to defeat your rivals and reach that top spot. Here are some tips to help you along the way.


Your USP

This is perhaps the most important part of your sales strategy, regardless of whether you’re selling a brand new product or you’re launching a business that specializes in providing services. It’s highly likely that you’ll be up against a number of other firms when it comes to attracting clients and generating sales. So, what makes you different and why should a customer choose you rather than your rival? Every business, no matter the type of size, should have a USP (unique selling proposition). This is what sets you apart. It could be anything from a unique feature on a product to a service that caters for the individual customer in a different way to those offered by competitors. When you’re in the early stages of establishing your business, think carefully about your USP, and how you can show it off in all its glory. If you’ve got a fantastic USP, you need to up-sell it wherever possible. Use examples that have worked in history to give you inspiration. Think about why you buy products from specific brands, for example.

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