No matter how much of a business magnate you are, and no matter how on the ball you are with your corporate operations, there are always going to be contingencies that you just won’t be able to predict.


‘Expecting the unexpected’ is a tip that anyone starting out in business would do well to learn, and would do well to learn quickly. It’s actually inevitable that in your time as a corporate warrior, you will have to contend with eventualities that you couldn’t have foreseen in the slightest. But how do you keep your startup, which already values working time as a valuable resource to fuel its success, operational in trying times?


What trying times you ask? Intense weather conditions, staff absences, and power grid failures to name a few. How can you best be operational even in the spectacular weeks when it seems every challenge has turned to face you?


This article will list tips to help you stay in the game in the worst of situations.

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