This thing called life is a journey that is often confusing and one that can leave you quite exhausted because of its unpredictable nature. With this environment of unpredictability comes the need for predictability for many people in the maze we call life. It is a maze because it is an open-ended pathway with many twist and turns that can detour your pathway to true freedom. So this is where predictability gets added to the equation because for most people, they need to be aware of their next step in order to feel safe. The need for predictability though can make your ability to get through the maze tougher because your sight is occupied with energy draining concerns that really provide no true benefit. Read More Stuck in the Maze of Life

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When you think about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship what do you envision? In all likelihood you picture an individual doing what they love to do and living the life they want to live. It is the common image of entrepreneurship that has been put into our heads that makes us believe being an entrepreneur is all peaches and cream. The reality of the fact though is that entrepreneurship involves more than a good idea about how to enhance or change an existing situation. Entrepreneurship is about having an idea, formalizing that idea and having that idea be accepted by your target market. Read More Ambitions of the Entrepreneur

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Today’s economy sucks for most people who live within it. The economy was in a downward spiral beginning in 2008 and now has stagnated without seeing any significant growth or improvement. For most people this economic climate presents a challenging situation that inhibits their ability to live the “American Dream” on America’s own soil. Once the downturn hit it spread from person to person, business to business and state to state creating a paralyzing environment that restricts positive opportunities from being realized by most. The problem that is then produced is lost confidence and with lost confidence comes collective reasoning on why not to try hard and just give up during these tough times. Read More Allergic to This Economic Climate

Entrepreneurship Innovation Self-Improvement Small Business

Entrepreneurship is about embracing the challenges of independency within such a dependent oriented society. As our nation grew, the independent aspect of thinking seemed to decline in favor of dependency on big corporations and the government. Now as these two huge structures of economic development and job creation lose their power due to power management and overzealous expansion; people are experiencing overwhelming difficulty in both their professional and personal lives. As aging concepts are on the brink of collapse and once huge powers are experiencing unavoidable upheaval; new challengers must step up to the opposition in order to cushion the impact of their impending demise. Read More Taking on Goliath

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