2 million pre-orders in 24 hours is what Apple recorded for the long-awaited arrival of its much-anticipated iPhone 5. That is double the amount of pre-order sales recorded last year for the iPhone 4. Insane right? During these trying economic times it speaks volumes about what can be accomplished with the right formula in your possession. Apple seems to have found the right formula when it comes to the products it provides and the messages of innovation that go hand in hand with their production. Apple’s two main attractions; the iPhone and iPad always seem to produce hyper anticipation but why is this so? Simply put they understand the needs and wants of their market? Read More Why Apple’s iPhone 5 Set a Sales Record

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Have you noticed that when you try to do something all at once you usually fail? You are so determined to do everything at the same time causing yourself to waste more time rather than being productive with your time. You are operating in a blur rather than streamlining your actions in an efficient manner which allows you to actually perform well. Maybe it is due to the instant society we live within that makes us believe everything has to come about in an instant manner. The results of having such a mindset though has revealed that instant satisfaction almost certainly brings with it instant failure. Read More Why a Strategy is Important

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It is July 4th; fireworks are being exploded, barbeques are being cooked and people are enjoying the holiday as a whole. Today is supposed to represent a day of independence but does the concept of the day still apply in our present state of affairs? America is in a dismal state and most people who live within its boundaries reflect this sentiment. The independence we are celebrating seems to be a farce since our future independence as a leading nation is in danger. Read More Does July 4th Still Represent America’s Independence?

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As many of you may know, we will be voting in November to elect a new president or voting to have our current one stick around for four more years. Now I do not want to make this a political post but have pointed out this fact because two issues will be of critical importance during their campaigning process: the economy and job creation. These are two issues that everyone wants answered but contrarily produces answers that everyone does not agree with. Ideas and opinions tend to cause those type of reactions though because everyone does not have the same experiences or views as to how the world should operate. This is where we come to those people who hold certain ideas and viewpoints and see to it that they are put into motion in order to provide a solution. These people can be your political leaders, your corporate leaders, your community leaders or those we call entrepreneurs. For this post we will focus on those called entrepreneurs. Read More Can Entrepreneurs Create Enough Jobs?

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In today’s challenging job market and economic climate, being an entrepreneur seems like the most rewarding employment status. What most people  do not realize about entrepreneurship though is that it is not as simple as it seems. Having a business idea, establishing that business idea and reaping the benefits of that business should be pretty simple right? Well not exactly. Countless numbers of people come up with ideas for a promising product or service but do not possess the ability to make those ideas functional. This is one of the most difficult things about entrepreneurship; moving from idea to execution but even with this difficulty people are  still venturing towards entrepreneurship. So the almighty question people are asking is, “Can I become an entrepreneur?” Read More Can I Become an Entrepreneur?

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The world we live in today is not the same as it was in the past. What we exist in today had to be developed over time and had to be done so with innovative, forward thinking. But before all the advancement in technology and intelligence; the world was a place completely void of the luxuries we are fortunately granted today. We as humans had to adapt to the environment around us and upon adaptation had to develop our environment in order to suit our needs. So as we fast forward in time we evolved from communicating through grunts and drawings to communicating through social media. We came from traveling by foot and horseback to traveling by cars and planes. I point out all of this to illustrate the fact that as an entrepreneur you cannot be afraid to take on the challenge of creating something out of nothing. Read More Making Something Out of Nothing

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Lately you may have been hearing the terms “global economy” and “global competitiveness”. Just as the name states the global economy is an economy that is dependent on production and consumption on a global scale. This means that production at one place can equate to products being consumed at another location thousands of miles away. This would seem like a great situation but the advantages of a global economy can sometimes seem minimal compared to its disadvantages. What disadvantages can come from a globally connected marketplace you may ask. Let’s take a look at the global economy and how it shapes the economy and job market we all operate within. Read More Understanding The Global Economy

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