If your business is growing beyond your expectations, then it’s important to understand how to cope with it. A fast-growing business is dangerous in many ways. Most of the time, it’s the lack of manpower and vision that can ruin an otherwise flourishing business idea. It’ll be dragged down by indecisiveness, a lack of knowledge and occasionally, stubbornness. If you don’t want to screw up your fast-growing idea, then here are a couple of recruitment strategies that will help you find and secure the manpower needed to run your business.


Hire talent, but let them go


Talented individuals are attracted to fast-growing businesses. They’ll swarm around you like moths to a flame, just waiting for a chance to ascend their career ladder and make something of their life. However, it’s important that you understand this basic rule with most starry-eyed graduates: they will leave you. You’re just a stepping stone on their path to greatness and they will rampage through several businesses before either realizing they’re not as talented as they thought they were or starting up their own company. Hire talent, use them as much as you can, squeeze every bit of productivity and all the ideas you can, and then let them go instead of wasting time, effort and resources on trying to keep them in your company. Don’t promise them riches and don’t promise them a share of your company—just let them go.

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Employees play such a big role in the company that it’s imperative to keep them happy. Otherwise, their output will begin to lower, and the entire firm will suffer. Keeping them happy is easier said than done, though. The tiniest things can set them off, like not getting enough love. Yep, a perceived lack of affection from the boss (you) can turn their world upside down. Obviously, you need to show them that you care, but it might not be at the top of your to-do list for the day. The trick is to use these little tips to gain traction and leave them in no doubt.

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When you’re running a business, it’s easy to get bogged down in paperwork and meetings. It’s also easy to take your employees for granted, which can skew their perception of you as a leader and cause their productivity to decline. You want your staff to be impressed by the way you work and you also want them to enjoy coming to work for you every day.

Employees who are valued – and feel that when they work – are more efficient workers. They’re also happier people. People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses and this is something that’s very true. If you are a fantastic leader, your staff will stay loyal to you and loyalty is important. If you choose to disregard the connection you could have with your employees and its importance, you will lose that loyalty. There are many ways you can support your staff, and we’ve gathered some of the best:

Go above and beyond. Sometimes as a leader, you have to do more for the people who keep your business running. You should always think of them this way, as without them you wouldn’t have such an effectively run company. If you notice a member of staff struggling personally, work out ways to help. This doesn’t have to be you throwing money at them to help them out, but look at ways you can make their work life easier. Are they having trouble with coordinating the school run? How about offering flexible hours or half a day working from home? There are ways to help out the people who work for you.

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