The entrepreneur’s role in bringing an idea to fruition is critical, of course. But make no mistake about it, no matter how great the product or service they create, entrepreneurs rely on the teams they build to achieve greatness and long-lasting success. The big question is, what does a fantastic team look like? And how should entrepreneurs go about creating one? In this guide, we’re going to take you through some of the ingredients that will ensure you get the right people with the right skill sets together. Read on to find out more!



Open to ideas


Great teams know that fantastic ideas can come from anywhere. So, while you might employ a hotshot strategic thinker for your business, don’t rely on them – keep your door open for ideas from everyone and anyone in your company. Maybe your admin assistant has a very good idea to reduce the costs of your stationery equipment? Or perhaps your cleaning operative knows about a cheaper and quicker way of getting their job done? As an entrepreneur, you have to realize that inspiration and smart business ideas can arrive from anywhere at any time, and without being open you may never hear about them.

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Health and safety, two words that have been communicated to the Nth degree in every workplace. Although it has been a topic of conversation on every business’ lips at some point or another, the real reason it is in place is for the safety of your staff. But making sure that your staff is clued up in the right practices is not just a process that everyone has to do as part of their induction; it is something to help give your workers some resilience. The importance of giving your staff this skill with pay off in leaps and bounds, and here’s why.

Worker productivity is one of those common issues every business needs to figure out how to tackle. Once the bar has been set it means that people will step up their own working practices. The important thing to think about when learning how to make your staff work harder is to help them to help themselves. You cannot constantly hold their hand through every little project, so you need to find ways for self-sufficiency. Once you teach staff the importance of their own individual efforts in the business, it means that everyone works better and with a sense of purpose.

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The success or failure of a small business relies on lots of different factors, not all of which may be within your control. While you may not be a public company which trades on the stock market, the relative health of the stock market can have a big impact on your business. Adam Smith wrote about the so-called invisible hand of market forces, but when the economy suffers, so does consumer’s confidence in it. The index that keeps track of it fluctuates all the time because it is nothing more than a record of people’s responses to the global economy, which after all is quite confusing. However, if consumers start to feel less sure about spending money, it can negatively affect your profit margins. If this happens on a large scale, it can cause a downward spiral: consumers spend less, so companies make less. This does not inspire confidence and the cycle begins again. This is why during the recession of 2008, governments around the world tried to bolster their economies by injecting them with cash, a process known as quantitative easing.

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The office is very much the central hub of the business. As such, it should serve as an asset. However, in many workplaces across the country, that just isn’t true. At best, many offices are just there, doing little but giving someone a seat and a desk to work at. At their worst, however, offices can do real damage to morale, productivity, and the very health of your employees. We’re going to take a nigh-comprehensive look at the realities of the physical work environment and what you can do to create one that truly is an asset.

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Think prestige

Let’s think first of all about how the office can benefit the business itself. Not just the individuals in it, but the entity that everyone is working to improve. When it comes to the business, branding is everything. The same should go for your office. Branding your office space, whether it’s in the décor or in the little details like stationery and mugs, has a real benefit. For one, if you’re welcoming clients, it unifies their idea of what your business and what your brand is about with what they see when they come in. But it’s good for getting employees in the zone, as well. It reminds them they’re in a professional space and can serve as a tool to get them working and behaving as if they’re part of that brand, not just an employee under an employer.

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If your home is your castle, then your business’s headquarters is surely your fort. When you first start out building your startup, official business premises is probably seen as a bit of an unnecessary expense. After all, if you can work from your bedroom at home and therefore avoid the huge rental cost that commercial property can incur, surely that’s better for the business, right? Well, yes – at first anyway. There’s no point shelling out on an expensive business property when you haven’t even turned a profit of your own yet, and if you do need to get out of the house, you can always work from cafes or at your local library. However, when your company starts to expand a little and when you start to hire staff, that is when things get a little tricky. Anyone can see that it’s pretty impractical to expect all your staff to crowd around one laptop in an internet cafe, or to expect them to come and work at your home. As well as it giving off a more professional image, having a designated workspace can improve productivity in your team and generally enables you to work better together. So, what are the essential components of an excellent office space? Have a read below.

Good heating and cooling systems

Employee comfort should be fairly high up on your list of priorities. Being overly hot or cold can easily distract your colleagues from their work and overall makes for a pretty aversive working environment. There’s nothing worse than having to wear gloves in the office in winter because it’s that cold, so why not look into Borehole Drilling as a means to heating your office? On the opposite end of the scale, make sure all your windows open properly in the workspace and if you get hot summers where you are based, install a good quality air conditioning unit.

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Keeping your workers satisfied is an essential part of any business – it boosts productivity to great degrees. Part of the process of fulfilling satisfaction is actually looking after your employees. I’m not talking about adhering to health and safety laws – I’m also talking about the measures you can take to go the extra mile for the people working for you to ensure they remain healthy and focused.


Amazing breaks


A lot of workplaces seem to be fine with their employees not taking any breaks. Of course, they’re legally required to give employees the opportunity to take a break, but they’re not exactly going to complain if their employees continue working instead. (This is a lot more common than you may think.) The problem is that our brains really do work best when they have the occasional chance to relax – just like your other muscles when it comes to more physical labor. So make sure you’re keeping an eye on employees and encouraging them to take breaks. Make sure they’ve got good coffee and tea at the ready, along with healthy snacks and maybe even some games.

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Close your eyes and try to picture the perfect ‘key’ to your business success. The big door in front of you needs to be unlocked so that you can successful – so what is the key? Do you think it’s a good plan? Well, that could be true, but you need a good plan to get started… How will that unlock success? Is it keeping customers happy? That might be it, and it is certainly important, but how do you do it? Are you missing something here?


According to a number of reports, employee happiness could be the key to taking your business to the next level. Happy employees are guaranteed to work better and be more productive. Want to hear some stats that will blow your mind?


Firstly, companies that keep their employees happy will do better than their competition. Not everyone is keyed into the value of the employee, so if you can keep your team smiling while they work, you’ll be doing better than others.


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