Being a boss definitely isn’t the easiest thing in the world. One of the top things that being a boss or manager entails is hiring and overseeing the training of new staff – and then after that, the hardest thing starts: making sure that they stay with the company. Here are some tips that will help you to retain your staff.


Keep Training Them

First of all, never assume that the work is completely done. Even if you’ve trained them in the procedures of what they might need to do for their job, that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever require further training. Not only will they need refreshers on what they’ve already done but – more importantly – in order to allow your employees to achieve their true potential, a good boss will make sure that they receive any further training that they desire so that they can rise up in the ranks of the company and feel satisfied with their progress. Ensuring that staff receives this training will not only improve their performance as they put their new skills into practice, but it’ll also seem like a vote of confidence that will make them feel more loyal towards you.

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If your business is growing beyond your expectations, then it’s important to understand how to cope with it. A fast-growing business is dangerous in many ways. Most of the time, it’s the lack of manpower and vision that can ruin an otherwise flourishing business idea. It’ll be dragged down by indecisiveness, a lack of knowledge and occasionally, stubbornness. If you don’t want to screw up your fast-growing idea, then here are a couple of recruitment strategies that will help you find and secure the manpower needed to run your business.


Hire talent, but let them go


Talented individuals are attracted to fast-growing businesses. They’ll swarm around you like moths to a flame, just waiting for a chance to ascend their career ladder and make something of their life. However, it’s important that you understand this basic rule with most starry-eyed graduates: they will leave you. You’re just a stepping stone on their path to greatness and they will rampage through several businesses before either realizing they’re not as talented as they thought they were or starting up their own company. Hire talent, use them as much as you can, squeeze every bit of productivity and all the ideas you can, and then let them go instead of wasting time, effort and resources on trying to keep them in your company. Don’t promise them riches and don’t promise them a share of your company—just let them go.

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Small Business

Looking after your business is something that is inherently within us. We will guard it as best as we can because it’s our baby. But do you really look after the vital parts? You might think you have certain aspects covered, and that is it, but the thing in making sure a company is running at its best is not making sure one part is running at 110% and the rest at 90%, it’s a much more intricate balancing act…


Your Employees



They are what matters in your organization on a human level, but are you looking after them in the traditional sense? Yes, you pay their salary, but that’s not enough anymore. The implementation of a holistic approach to running a business has been in a few big organizations for some time now. And this is not just about the standard “I boss, you employee” methods of leadership, it’s about looking at every aspect of the working environment, and the place to begin is with yourself. How do you lead, with a heavy hand or a light touch? Of course, there are many subtle levels in between, but to establish an organization that is employee-centric as much as it is about the actual business side is quite a challenge. A great place to begin is to have an open-door policy. This promotes more transparency in the company.

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