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Can Entrepreneurs Create Enough Jobs?

As many of you may know, we will be voting in November to elect a new president or voting to have our current one stick around for four more years. Now I do not want to make this a political post but have pointed out this fact because two issues will be of critical importance during their campaigning process: the economy and job creation. These are two issues that everyone wants answered but contrarily produces answers that everyone does not agree with. Ideas and opinions tend to cause those type of reactions though because everyone does not have the same experiences or views as to how the world should operate. This is where we come to those people who hold certain ideas and viewpoints and see to it that they are put into motion in order to provide a solution. These people can be your political leaders, your corporate leaders, your community leaders or those we call entrepreneurs. For this post we will focus on those called entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry

Effective Communication Part II

About a month ago I gave an analysis on how not using effective communication can wreak havoc on a misinformed public. The deep setbacks due to neglecting the correct communication channels can lead to immense misery and plague the initiatives designed to progress forward. We all should be familiar with the negative effects unsuccessful communication can produce by just looking around at our present economic and political environment. Things are a mess and are only worsening due to ineffective communication and stubborn actions that affect the global landscape not just our nation. While I have already covered the negative impacts of not communicating effectively, I will detail the steps on how to produce effective communication that leads to positive results. Read the rest of this entry

Unproductive Environment

Being a small business owner is at times stressful and chaotic. The stresses of trying to operate a successful business can become even more difficult when working within an unproductive environment. An unproductive environment can be attributed to an unfocused working atmosphere or an unruly employee(s); both of which can lead to damaging consequences being leveled against a business owner’s business and his or her employees.
The environment that is consistent within a business reflects through the work being produced from that business. Read the rest of this entry


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