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Personal Reflection of the Entrepreneurial Journey #1

self reflection
It has been a long week. I have been doing some networking, a lot of emails, pitching my new initiative, writing a lot of comments to engage in conversation and trying find opportunities to help in the development of entrepreneurship. I can honestly say this is the first time in a long time that I have stayed consistent, really trying to claw my way into people minds rather it be politely or by force. I feel drained but I am happy to continue to push myself in order to produce the successful results I want for myself. Read the rest of this entry

The Hunger for Success (Real Starvation)

hungry for success
I wrote about this topic previously but I felt compelled to revisit it (Are You Hungry). If you asked someone are they hungry for success of course they will say yes. And why not? The common image of success is lots of money, a big house and nice cars. Who wouldn’t want to identify themselves with such an illustrious and vivid image? Almost everyone wants this type of lifestyle and the perception it holds, but most are not willing to work for it! Read the rest of this entry

10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs Part II

10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs continued…

Law VI: Seek Wise Council in Order to Learn How to Prosper
Entrepreneurs have to understand that you can’t do this all on your own. Help is needed for you to start your business and help will be needed for you to keep elevating to higher levels. Talk with people who are in the position you wish to place yourself within. Experienced people have the knowledge which you seek and can provide you with the guidance that helps you avoid mistakes that they have made themselves along their entrepreneurial journey. This means you have to put away your arrogance and humble yourself so that you can listen and learn. Find a mentor(s) that are all about ensuring your success. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people because you fear it shows weakness. It actually shows strengths that you are willing to seek advice in order to increase your capabilities that leads to you prospering. Read the rest of this entry

10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs Part I

48 Laws of Power, the book that ambitious individuals are not so likely to admit they like or follow for guidance. Why? Because it deals with human psychology that polite society feels is too “sociopathic” to explore and use. I and others believe it is just about being a realist and exploiting opportunities that present themselves for you to exploit and prosper from. I don’t mean taking advantage of people but instead feeding off what they display to you as far as behavior, personality and motivations. Hopefully you didn’t perceive that statement in the wrong context…but moving forward, what lessons can entrepreneurs take away from 48 Laws of Power? Read the rest of this entry

Your Entrepreneur Checklist

Entrepreneur Checklist
This is an article I wrote 3 years ago and wanted to share with the readers of my blog. It is a checklist of personal tools I believe an individual should be equipped with before stepping into entrepreneurship. While these tools are not a 100% guarantee for success, I believe they are definitely needed to succeed when pursuing the challenging task of the entrepreneur journey. Read the rest of this entry

6 Degrees of Separation…Is it Real?

6 degrees
Recently I have been doing a lot of networking, following up and reaching out to people. The goal of doing so is to get connected to the right people, spread my vision and mission and in turn create new business relationships. The purpose of networking is to pursue opportunities which may exist for you that you have not realized at the moment. There is someone out there who can help elevate your business to the next level but that cannot be realized if you do not go out and seek these connections. Read the rest of this entry

Maximizing Your Meetings Infograph

Busy, busy, busy! As entrepreneurs and professionals we love to be busy because we equate that to being productive and working towards success. And what better way to show you are busy then by being in back to back meetings. Multiple meetings every week or everyday means we are putting our face in front of potential buyers and decision makers. So we want to make sure we are involved in as many meetings as possible. Who wouldn’t want to be busy meeting new people? Is it a bad thing to be meeting people frequently and spreading the message about your business and the value you and your business bring? Read the rest of this entry

Everybody Doesn’t Want to be an Entrepreneur

This post was written due to a Twitter debate I saw last week and participated within. The topic of the debate was why do people always talk about being an entrepreneur and promote entrepreneurship as if it’s the only means to success. The person who started the debate stated he would rather make his millions as an employee, and let those who choose entrepreneurship have that lifestyle. Is it plausible that he can really make millions as an employee? I doubt it but I can’t deny him his right to choose employee over entrepreneur. Read the rest of this entry

What is an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

entrepreneur ecosystem
I previously wrote a blog pot entitled Local Entrepreneurial Development = Economic Productivity. If you haven’t read it I suggest you do. It gives a glimpse of how the entrepreneurial spirit develops in a community. In essence the beginning of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The entrepreneurial ecosystem? What is that? Read the rest of this entry

Make a Power Play

power play
Are you an entrepreneur who plays it safe and who is willing to accept what little comes your way? You believe that entrepreneurship is built on the principles of continual sacrifice and that you are a small fish in a big pond which should have small expectations. This pessimistic mindset holds you back and keeps your business on a very small-scale, rather than growing and prospering. You ventured into entrepreneurship because you had the ambition to be a business owner and were willing to take the risk of becoming so. Now that you have achieved such desires, your ambition has stalled and you have low risk tolerance. Quite the oxymoron. Read the rest of this entry


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