making progress
The first quarter of the year has just ended. What did you achieve? Did you stick to previously planned initiatives and if so how are you faring? As we enter into the second quarter of 2014 it is time to examine what is working and what is not working. Taking this time to reflect instead of proceeding forward with no regard helps to ensure you are being efficient with your time. As I stated this is a year for growth and excellence; so we want to always make sure we are staying along the required course. Read More 1st Quarter Progress Report

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As entrepreneurs we can best be described as vivid dreamers. We imagine the biggest most fascinating visions and plot as to how we can make them a reality. Our desire to live out our vision fuels us to do anything possible and “impossible” to make our dream something we live within. It can all be so frustrating though and makes us want to shout, “It’s my vision and I need it now!” Read More It’s My Vision and I Need it Now!

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my turn
Are you struggling as an entrepreneur or just getting by?
Are you constantly asking yourself, “When will it be my turn?”
Your turn for what exactly?
Your turn to have a vibrant, growing business. Your turn to experience financial prosperity. Your turn to be the “man” or “woman”. Read More When is it My Turn?

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Efficiency is the word of the month and should be a mainstay in your mind throughout this entire year. What exactly does it mean to be efficient? Being efficient means: achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. As entrepreneurs, we must follow the exact meaning of this word in order to produce the success that we are chasing after along this entrepreneurial journey. For most of us procrastination, fear and laziness inhibit us from truly placing ourselves in the position of welcoming the opportunity for success. Clearly for us to become great entrepreneurs efficiency must be the main ingredient in our strategic plan.
But how do I become more efficient you ask? Read More Entrepreneur Efficiency

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As the start of the year kicks off, many of us have set goals and objectives to be accomplished this year. What can first seem to be challenging new endeavors and tasks; quickly becomes boring and too difficult to stay focused on. That excitement and fresh enthusiasm we once possessed now turns into boredom due to lack of discipline and lack of real desire to succeed. Our journey towards our perceived greatness has now turned into mission impossible… Read More 2014…Mission Impossible???

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As the year 2013 ends and the year 2014 enters, it is the time of year people usually reflect on their year as a whole. We embrace our positive accomplishments and ponder about our negative setbacks; planning about how we will become more successful during the upcoming year. During this reflection process can we truthfully say that we are being brutally honest with ourselves? More than likely we are not. Year after year we make huge promises and year after year we come up short, either by a few inches or by a long shot… Read More Your Year in Reflection

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Recently, for the past several weeks I had been in a serious slump. Simply, things were not going as I wanted in both my personal and business life. Personally I was not able to do things I wanted to do and felt the pressure of meeting personal obligations, e.g. BILLS. This setback was due to a slowdown in business, which can dramatically impede all other areas of your life as an entrepreneur. And that is what was happening with me…I was in a bad slump that simply made me unmotivated to do anything. That is a terrible space to be in for an entrepreneur because we must always remain focused and productive in order to survive. Read More Coming Back from a Slump

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