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The Psychology Behind the Praise of Failure

Have you ever wondered why failure is so highly praised in entrepreneurship? It is like a badge of honor to say you have failed along your entrepreneurial journey but kept pushing forward. Yeah, it is great to have traits of fortitude and perseverance but who really wants to fail and be proud of doing so? Read the rest of this entry

Entrepreneur Efficiency

Efficiency is the word of the month and should be a mainstay in your mind throughout this entire year. What exactly does it mean to be efficient? Being efficient means: achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. As entrepreneurs, we must follow the exact meaning of this word in order to produce the success that we are chasing after along this entrepreneurial journey. For most of us procrastination, fear and laziness inhibit us from truly placing ourselves in the position of welcoming the opportunity for success. Clearly for us to become great entrepreneurs efficiency must be the main ingredient in our strategic plan.
But how do I become more efficient you ask? Read the rest of this entry

2014…Mission Impossible???

As the start of the year kicks off, many of us have set goals and objectives to be accomplished this year. What can first seem to be challenging new endeavors and tasks; quickly becomes boring and too difficult to stay focused on. That excitement and fresh enthusiasm we once possessed now turns into boredom due to lack of discipline and lack of real desire to succeed. Our journey towards our perceived greatness has now turned into mission impossible… Read the rest of this entry

Treat Yourself Like a Business

Many individuals enter the world of entrepreneurship with the wrong intentions. Most people confuse entrepreneurship with the freedom of having no accountability, they can do as they please. This sort of belief will doom your entrepreneurial endeavor from the very beginning. In entrepreneurship there is no half stepping. You are either all in or you are just acting like you are doing something when you are really playing the role. Read the rest of this entry

What Makes an Entrepreneur?

what makes an entrepreneur
It is a question that constantly resonates in your mind; What makes an entrepreneur? You always hear about entrepreneurship and how to possess an entrepreneurial mindset but it still seems like a foreign concept to you. You are interested though, interested in exploring the world of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship seems so sexy and rebellious because you are doing what you want to do, rather than what you are told to do. Now you anxiously want to be an entrepreneur but do you actually know what makes an entrepreneur?
Well let me tell you… Read the rest of this entry

The Starving Entrepreneur

Does the term “starving entrepreneur” apply to your entrepreneurial journey? You are putting in hours of work and sacrificing so much but have yet to reap any rewards for your continuous efforts. Everyone tells you to just give it up and get a “real job” but you refuse to give in to such notions. You know your carefully crafted work will eventually catch the eye of the public and you will get the due recognition you deserve. Besides struggling is the ultimate threshold for an entrepreneur and is almost like a rite of passage in order to be accepted. Read the rest of this entry

Limitations Do Not Apply in Entrepreneurship

Are you a person who lets perceived limitations dictate what you can and cannot do? If so then entrepreneurship is definitely not the right option for you. Why else do you think entrepreneurs are described as risk takers and innovators? It is because they are a group of individuals who do not view a challenge as limiting but rather as an opportunity to grow and excel. Were average people pause and contemplate, entrepreneurs look and pursue. So what limits you from truly becoming an entrepreneur? Read the rest of this entry

Why Did You Choose Entrepreneurship?

Why become an entrepreneur? Is it the perceived freedom, the chance of significant wealth gain or is it the need to explore risk? Whatever the reason may be, I am sure you know this is a very ambitious lifestyle to consider pursuing. Notice I said lifestyle rather than career. This is because your entrepreneurial journey transforms into a very significant portion of your everyday life. This means your entrepreneurial endeavor is ongoing, never to cease unless you choose to end its existence. Translation: you will work hard constantly and almost around the clock. Read the rest of this entry

Are You Living Up to Your Potential?

Nearly all of us say that we want to be the best that we can be and achieve great things. In reality though, the majority of us rarely do so. It is said that you can do whatever you want to do as long as you put your mind to it; the problem is that such a statement seems like wishful thinking when most try to apply the notion. Just as it is said we all have the potential to be great but can that opinion be truthful for all of us? Read the rest of this entry

Why a Vision is Needed

Is it possible to travel towards a destination without having knowledge of where you are going? Not really. It would be very difficult to navigate when you are unaware of your surroundings and unsure of how to exactly move forward. If we were to examine the majority of people in the world today we would see that they have no sense of vision; no sure answer to the direction in which their life is headed. These are the people who constantly complain about the status of their life but offer up no solutions of their own in order to change their current predicament. They have no idea where their future is headed, they just know that the present is not working in their favor. Can this description be used to describe your entrepreneurial journey/ your life? Are you the entrepreneur/ person without a vision? Read the rest of this entry


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