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The first quarter of the year has just ended. What did you achieve? Did you stick to previously planned initiatives and if so how are you faring? As we enter into the second quarter of 2014 it is time to examine what is working and what is not working. Taking this time to reflect instead of proceeding forward with no regard helps to ensure you are being efficient with your time. As I stated this is a year for growth and excellence; so we want to always make sure we are staying along the required course. Read More 1st Quarter Progress Report

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Hustling is such a dirty, deceitful word to some people. People equate hustling with cunning schemes and calculated measures to swindle people out of their money. For a small percentage of “hustlers” that may be true but the hustling which I speak of is solely based on hard work towards positive production. Some call it grinding, some call it no sleep; whatever the term it all relates to the same thing: Getting shit done! Read More The Art of Hustling as An Entrepreneur

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What is one of the first things people say you need before going into business? A business plan. The basis of this statement is that the business plan is supposed to be instrumental towards guiding your business’s growth path. Also, the business plan is supposed to establish that you are serious about your business and have put a great deal of thought into its existence. It is the traditional method that is still is still accepted in conventional society even though entrepreneurship is supposed to be unconventional. Read More The Strategy Plan vs. The Business Plan

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In the last post I covered how to step into part-time entrepreneurship (Do You Want to be a Part-Time Entrepreneur) and now it’s time to cover how to manage the transitional period. The keyword to focus on is part-time. This means your time is being allocated in other areas outside of your entrepreneurial endeavor. When our time and focus must be split in multiple directions, we lessen the efficiency of our potential output. As an entrepreneur efficiency is your #1 component and is something I have just recently written about (Entrepreneur Efficiency). The situation at hand though is that you are part-timing so you must learn the art of strategic allocation. Read More Balancing Your J.O.B., Entrepreneurship & Life

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In today’s weak economy, having a second source of income or multiple sources of income seems to be the only way to get a little ahead of just getting by. Let’s face it, most of us have taken a decent hit to our pockets and for those who have not the pressure of sustaining seems to keep growing and growing. Those of you in the 9-5 rat race or main street job market are now questioning the security of that guaranteed paycheck. The burning question on your mind is, “Do I need to become a part-time entrepreneur?” Read More Do You Want to be a Part-Time Entrepreneur?

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