Ever feel like your boss just might have your head?

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Being the boss of a business might not be all it’s cracked up to be. New business owners often think that they have no one to answer to when they bring a new company onto the market and that is just not true. There are a lot of individuals that business owners will always have to answer to whenever they make a new decision.

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Are you sick of tired of going into the office and doing the same job? Do you want to get out of the rat race? Well, becoming an entrepreneur is a good career path. Entrepreneurs are the boss, and they are the only people that dictate the terms. And, lots of them turn out to be insanely successful. But, they only reach this level when they iron out the mistakes. New players to the game don’t always play the game to the best of their ability, which is risky. In the end, one mistake can be fatal. The key is to troubleshoot the errors as and when they occur. To do that, here are the ones to look out for as a newbie.

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Once upon a time, being an entrepreneur was a great thing. It might not have been easy, but it wasn’t as hard as it is today. Nowadays, there is so much competition that it’s almost impossible to gain a foothold. Thousands of budding businessmen and women fall at the first hurdle, and you could be one. For obvious reasons, you don’t want this to happen. The good news is that it doesn’t have to if you choose wisely.


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The first quarter of the year has just ended. What did you achieve? Did you stick to previously planned initiatives and if so how are you faring? As we enter into the second quarter of 2014 it is time to examine what is working and what is not working. Taking this time to reflect instead of proceeding forward with no regard helps to ensure you are being efficient with your time. As I stated this is a year for growth and excellence; so we want to always make sure we are staying along the required course. Read More 1st Quarter Progress Report

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Hustling is such a dirty, deceitful word to some people. People equate hustling with cunning schemes and calculated measures to swindle people out of their money. For a small percentage of “hustlers” that may be true but the hustling which I speak of is solely based on hard work towards positive production. Some call it grinding, some call it no sleep; whatever the term it all relates to the same thing: Getting shit done! Read More The Art of Hustling as An Entrepreneur

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What is one of the first things people say you need before going into business? A business plan. The basis of this statement is that the business plan is supposed to be instrumental towards guiding your business’s growth path. Also, the business plan is supposed to establish that you are serious about your business and have put a great deal of thought into its existence. It is the traditional method that is still is still accepted in conventional society even though entrepreneurship is supposed to be unconventional. Read More The Strategy Plan vs. The Business Plan

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