If you are one of those people interested in the politics of society, the complexity of human interaction and the curious nature of cut throat/ back stabbing business deals; then Game of Thrones is the right kind of show for you. I first thought Game of Thrones was just about medieval times such as knights and dragons but in actuality it is much more than those concepts. Game of Thrones illustrates the different factions of society and how each faction interacts in contrast from one another in order to survive. The show demonstrates how individual’s idealistic differences can either keep them alive and thriving amongst the chaos and turmoil or help to descend their eventual downfall towards destruction. In the world within Game of Thrones it is wise to know your status and abide by its limitations or disrupt the perceived status quo in order to climb the ladder of society on your own terms. Read More Lessons Learned from Game of Thrones.

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This thing called life is a journey that is often confusing and one that can leave you quite exhausted because of its unpredictable nature. With this environment of unpredictability comes the need for predictability for many people in the maze we call life. It is a maze because it is an open-ended pathway with many twist and turns that can detour your pathway to true freedom. So this is where predictability gets added to the equation because for most people, they need to be aware of their next step in order to feel safe. The need for predictability though can make your ability to get through the maze tougher because your sight is occupied with energy draining concerns that really provide no true benefit. Read More Stuck in the Maze of Life

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If I have not mentioned it before; gangster crime films and series provide some of the best entertainment and education for me. The strategic planning and business savvy these stories depict demonstrate the complexity of human nature and the lengths people go to in order to be well off in this tough competitive world. About 2 weeks ago it was the 40th anniversary of The Godfathers creation so the film saga was being shown throughout the week. While watching the films I begin to really see the entrepreneurial and the business mindset that was an important aspect within the film’s storyline. Even though the film saga revolves around crime the business element speaks loudly and illustrates that entrepreneurship was an integral part of the Corleone crime empire. Read More Lessons Learned from The Godfather

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When you think about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship what do you envision? In all likelihood you picture an individual doing what they love to do and living the life they want to live. It is the common image of entrepreneurship that has been put into our heads that makes us believe being an entrepreneur is all peaches and cream. The reality of the fact though is that entrepreneurship involves more than a good idea about how to enhance or change an existing situation. Entrepreneurship is about having an idea, formalizing that idea and having that idea be accepted by your target market. Read More Ambitions of the Entrepreneur

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, entrepreneurship consist of mastering the art of the hustle. Many people say they are on their hustle and grind but it is nothing but big talk. A true hustle speaks for itself and does not have to be verified through elaborate talk that aims to embellish your self-proclaimed persona. Hustling is not meant for everyone because it demands an intense focus and requires you to perform on a high level consistently. Many people hate working hard for 30 minutes so imagine working hard for days that turn into years. Can you do that? Are you willing to do that? Read More Your Hustle Game is Weak!!!

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Life is nothing but one big game when you look at it in its entirety and peel back its many distractions. I say this because the same processes and interactions involved in video games or board games can be emulated in real life. In this game we call real life we all are playing on different levels, posses different experiences and skills to perform with and must strategize as best as possible to coexist with the environment we are placed within. Thinking in this game mentality helps to navigate  through the different complexities that life presents to you. Life and its various facets of interaction and attainment can lead many people into chaos and/or confusion, producing the diversity we see in people’s everyday lives. Read More Can You Survive the Game?

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I have just started watching Boardwalk Empire earlier this month and from then on it has become one of my favorite shows. Boardwalk Empire chronicles the Prohibition Era in America, while following the lives of those who operate within its presence. The existence of Prohibition in America created an opportunity for risk taking opportunist to create lucrative criminal enterprises. This underground economy inherently came with high risk, some more severe than legal reprimand. The huge financial gains and power gains produced from successful ambitions along this course brought with it very aggressive and ruthless competitors, who operated  with a “by any means necessary attitude”. Read More Lessons Learned From Boardwalk Empire

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