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We always see articles crop up online about which tasks small and medium sized businesses should outsource, but with more and more talented people making it in the freelance world, shouldn’t we be seeing at least one or two articles about what tasks they should be outsourcing? Yes. Freelancers using freelancers.


Just like any business, freelancers can experience some seriously – and we mean seriously – busy periods where the workload becomes almost unmanageable. What’s worse, though, is how important it is to use these good times to full-effect. The answer: outsource.


Just because you are a work-from-home freelancer doesn’t mean this option can’t help you out or, better yet, boost your operations exponentially. How amazing would that be? Well, with all that being said, we have come up with a selection of tasks that you should absolutely consider outsourcing, especially during those times when there is a ton of fruit to be picked.

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If your business is growing beyond your expectations, then it’s important to understand how to cope with it. A fast-growing business is dangerous in many ways. Most of the time, it’s the lack of manpower and vision that can ruin an otherwise flourishing business idea. It’ll be dragged down by indecisiveness, a lack of knowledge and occasionally, stubbornness. If you don’t want to screw up your fast-growing idea, then here are a couple of recruitment strategies that will help you find and secure the manpower needed to run your business.


Hire talent, but let them go


Talented individuals are attracted to fast-growing businesses. They’ll swarm around you like moths to a flame, just waiting for a chance to ascend their career ladder and make something of their life. However, it’s important that you understand this basic rule with most starry-eyed graduates: they will leave you. You’re just a stepping stone on their path to greatness and they will rampage through several businesses before either realizing they’re not as talented as they thought they were or starting up their own company. Hire talent, use them as much as you can, squeeze every bit of productivity and all the ideas you can, and then let them go instead of wasting time, effort and resources on trying to keep them in your company. Don’t promise them riches and don’t promise them a share of your company—just let them go.

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What helps a business succeed? Is it cash flow? Is it the drive, desire, and passion of the owners? The backing of the board? The happiness of the customers? In truth, it is all of these things and more. Businesses, companies, and corporations may as well be living, breathing things with all the moving parts that are required not only for success but sound operation. If one area falls away, excelling in another area can help paper over the cracks, but it will also hold your business back in the long term. For true success, the business needs to be a well-oiled machine.


One of the biggest aspects to success is having a great team behind you in business. There are not many leaders out there who are skilled in a variety of areas, so having a great team can cover all the bases and ensure your business has a lot of expertise behind every decision made for the future of the business. A company without a solid workforce will crumble. Business is a team game, even if you do not realize that it is.


Like most things in life, you cannot do it all alone. Assemble a solid team to ensure that your business actually does one key thing: that it works. Beware though – there are plenty of pitfalls associated with hiring, namely budget and trust. If your business overhires to fill areas that aren’t of need in the name of security or resources, it can take a massive hit on the budget for a long while. If you hire the wrong type of person that doesn’t fit in with the dynamic of what you are doing, it can frustrate your business.


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