When it comes to construction, being able to run an effective site and end up with the results the client wants is obviously the most important part of the job. But it’s not the only part of the job. When you want to move from construction work to running or managing a crew, you have to take on a few responsibilities on top of that.




Moving from part of a team to head of the team is a daunting step for some. Natural leadership is only part of the equation, as well. The crew has to run like a machine. You have to know where people and their efforts are, where equipment is, what the schedule is, and how well you stick to it. Tracking efficiency and productivity through apps like http://www.easybuilduk.com/  can help you improve the profitability of just about any job.

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A plumbing business may not be the most glamorous, but it certainly pays. We are never going to see the day when plumbers are redundant. They offer a service that is always going to be required, making this a great idea for a start-up business if this is an area you are interested and experienced in. However, having plumbing experience and starting a plumbing business are two different things entirely. So, how do you ensure your plumbing company is a success? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, but there are some tips you can use.

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I used to go to a lot of networking events in the past. At these events, I would meet a lot of entrepreneurs who were in various stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

There were many individuals who were thinking about starting a business, some who just started a business, and a few who were seasoned entrepreneurs.

What would stand out is how many people were struggling in their business. If they didn’t tell you outright that they were struggling, you could tell by how clueless they would come off when talking about their business.

When I say clueless, I mean that their business didn’t seem fine-tuned. They were basically in the process of hoping shit stuck to the wall so they could make a lot of money in the process.

I find it quite alarming how many entrepreneurs depend on hope and wishes to carry their business towards success. I’m not saying hope is a bad thing. We all hope that our businesses turn out to be what we envisioned.

But, hope and a planned strategy are two completely different things.

I used to work within a small business where people would do a lot of talking and hoping, but there was no strategy in place to execute upon what was discussed.

Then when things would not turn out as talked about, everyone was clueless as to why bad results were produced.

Bad results happened because the business sucked.

Why did the business suck? Because it did not operate as a real business.

So many people are playing at being an entrepreneur.  Their struggling business is a reflection of this playful effort.

You can’t suck at being an entrepreneur and really expect to have a successful business. You’re insane if you believe bullshit produces gold.

Sadly, many aspiring entrepreneurs are misinformed about the entrepreneurial process. Their misguided mindset and mediocre work ethic produces a business that sucks

The question you might be asking yourself, “Does my business suck?”

If you have to question the status of your business then it most likely does suck.

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It’s a new year. You are excited about the opportunity you have to start fresh.

You are ready to move forward on accomplishing those big goals you have created for yourself.

One goal you are serious about accomplishing this year is creating a successful business.

You have been thinking about business ownership but have never had the courage to take the risk.

Maybe you currently own a business but it isn’t producing the type of results you want.

You want 2017 to be the year your aspiration for a successful business is finally realized.

I completely understand where you are coming from.

I have also claimed 2017 as the year where I will reach levels of success that I have never experienced.

My goals are a little ambitious, though.

I want to create 3 successful online businesses this year.

I know… creating 3 successful online businesses in one year will be quite the challenge.

That’s why this blog is called Entrepreneurial Ambitions — if the goal isn’t ambitious it isn’t worth pursuing.

What I want to do is provide you with the key information on how I plan to create these successful businesses.

The information I’m providing should also be used by you.

You will want to implement these steps into your plans so that your goal of creating a successful business in 2017 is accomplished.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some 50 step guide you want to stop reading after step 10.

These are 4 very simple steps that will lead to big results. That is what you want — BIG RESULTS! Read More How to Create a Successful Business in 2017


I was going through my Google Alerts for Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship the other day and came across an interesting article on Entrepreneur. It was an article that talked about the 4 Strategies John Lee Dumas used to build a $250k a month podcast. If you are not familiar with John Lee Dumas, he is the founder of Entrepreneur On Fire, which is a great podcast for entrepreneurs to have on their list of podcast. Read More F.O.C.U.S. and Its Importance for Entrepreneurs

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Last week I covered Part 1 of The Entrepreneur Process. If you have not read it, I suggest you take a look at it before proceeding forward. For those who have read it, you know that we have established that simplification is needed in order for an entrepreneur to succeed. What you want now is the information that instructs you on how to create a system to implement into your entrepreneur process.

The system is important for two reasons:
1. You stop having to constantly trade time for money
2. Your ability to make money multiplies significantly, giving you the opportunity to scale your operations

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