What is your ultimate goal as an entrepreneur?

You might say to provide your customers with the best products or services that solve their problems.

That’s a great answer and I applaud your commitment towards being an excellent provider for your customers.

But, what is your end-goal for providing value to your customers?

You want to make money. Not just a small amount of money either. You want to create wealth!

There are many individuals earning large incomes through Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Udemy, and other platforms that place them directly in front of their target audience.

How are they achieving these massive results?

By positioning themselves as an authority!

Authority means the power or right to give orders.

A person’s authority is recognized based on the experience that they possess and the results they have produced.

Based on this criteria, the thousands of people labeling themselves as an authority are deceiving themselves and the public.

Why do so many people participate in this deception?

Because the benefits of being known as an authority in your industry are tremendous! Read More How to Become an Authority