The world as you once knew it is not as it once was. I have discussed this very fact over and over again. Prior to 2007, things were all good but by the time 2008 rolled around this fact drastically changed and those lingering effects can still be felt today. They (mainstream media) say things are picking up but never put all your confidence in what they say. Employment, wages vs. rising cost of living, and education are key topics in mainstream America as far as improving things go. But can these three things really be enhanced dramatically enough in order to accelerate positive production? Read More The Tide is Turning

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The year of 2012 seemed to be a year that had a lot of great promise but sharply fell flat in delivering any generous returns on such promises. Our so-called leaders have increased their bickering and unwillingness to compromise, it seems the citizens of this country have gone mad and our push towards stability and progressive growth has stalled. Going into 2013 looks like the bad we were in is only going to get worst. That in itself is a very scary thought to ponder. Read More An Examination of 2012

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Lately I have been noticing that some opposing players within what I call the thought leaders of the entrepreneurial community have been stifling others that they view as competitors. I say this because it seems like they do not like others sharing their own knowledge and information to what they view as “their audience”. Instead of letting the audience hear ideas and produce conversation from varying perspectives, they block out anyone promoting theories opposing their own. Maybe they fear those they view as considerable competition, maybe they want the audience to focus only on what they have to offer; whatever the reason it pushes me to want to strategically outwit them at their game of checkers by playing a masterful game of chess. Read More Competition is Fierce

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If you are one of those people interested in the politics of society, the complexity of human interaction and the curious nature of cut throat/ back stabbing business deals; then Game of Thrones is the right kind of show for you. I first thought Game of Thrones was just about medieval times such as knights and dragons but in actuality it is much more than those concepts. Game of Thrones illustrates the different factions of society and how each faction interacts in contrast from one another in order to survive. The show demonstrates how individual’s idealistic differences can either keep them alive and thriving amongst the chaos and turmoil or help to descend their eventual downfall towards destruction. In the world within Game of Thrones it is wise to know your status and abide by its limitations or disrupt the perceived status quo in order to climb the ladder of society on your own terms. Read More Lessons Learned from Game of Thrones.

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From the previous post, Can I Become an Entrepreneur, we came to the conclusion that entrepreneurship involves putting together various pieces in order to produce the predetermined vision. It is important to highlight the fact about putting various pieces together because many aspiring entrepreneurs believe you can produce a vision in its entirety immediately. This wild belief is what helps create the high rate of failure many entrepreneurs endure along their start-up journey. An important rule to follow for aspiring entrepreneurs is patience, without it you will have a hard time moving forward in a rational manner. Patience is vital in regards to your putting together of the pieces because it allows for you to strategically prioritize or better yet analyze what fits into your given puzzle. Understand that this is a very complex puzzle and every piece is not made to fit and sometimes the puzzle will not turn out how you once imagined so it is a continual work in progress that is never truly finished. Read More Putting the Pieces Together

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Opportunities are the possibilities that await us if we chose to pursue their potential offerings. We all have opportunity in front of us at a certain point or points in our lives and many of us forgo taking part in its process. It is that ever nagging fear of something new and unknown that holds us back, causing us to be more comfortable with those things we are familiar with. Then as others move forward and progress successfully in their own lives; we are left wondering why we cannot find the same results. Foolishly though, instead of realizing our own shortcomings, we come up with jealous reasons as to why others live the life we want to live. They either cheated, lied, slept with this person, stole from that person; whatever idea we can produce in our mind that lessens the shine of their life compared to your own. Truthfully you are being a hater not realizing you should be upset with your own lack of ambition to grasp the opportunities sitting in front of you. Read More Realizing Your Opportunity

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The world we live in today is not the same as it was in the past. What we exist in today had to be developed over time and had to be done so with innovative, forward thinking. But before all the advancement in technology and intelligence; the world was a place completely void of the luxuries we are fortunately granted today. We as humans had to adapt to the environment around us and upon adaptation had to develop our environment in order to suit our needs. So as we fast forward in time we evolved from communicating through grunts and drawings to communicating through social media. We came from traveling by foot and horseback to traveling by cars and planes. I point out all of this to illustrate the fact that as an entrepreneur you cannot be afraid to take on the challenge of creating something out of nothing. Read More Making Something Out of Nothing

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