HUSTLE. The word “sophisticated” business people hate to use and be associated with. The word hustle has a negative connotation attached to it for many people who operate a business but it is a word I love.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, startup founder; you are most definitely hustling. You are not just operating passively because doing so would most certainly jeopardize your ability to be successful. You have to be aggressive/ assertive everyday while building your business. Just because opportunity is available, it doesn’t mean it will just be handed to you. Read More Why Entrepreneurs Must Love the Hustle

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Hustling is such a dirty, deceitful word to some people. People equate hustling with cunning schemes and calculated measures to swindle people out of their money. For a small percentage of “hustlers” that may be true but the hustling which I speak of is solely based on hard work towards positive production. Some call it grinding, some call it no sleep; whatever the term it all relates to the same thing: Getting shit done! Read More The Art of Hustling as An Entrepreneur

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