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So, your business is expanding quickly and hurtling towards its long-term goals. Like many US business owners, you might have plans to open a new branch somewhere in the EU. While you don’t necessarily have to deal with some of the big challenges you’d have setting up shop in say, Asia, there are still various obstacles you’ll need to overcome. Here are a few things every US business owner should know before opening an EU branch.

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Starting a Business

If I have not mentioned it before; gangster crime films and series provide some of the best entertainment and education for me. The strategic planning and business savvy these stories depict demonstrate the complexity of human nature and the lengths people go to in order to be well off in this tough competitive world. About 2 weeks ago it was the 40th anniversary of The Godfathers creation so the film saga was being shown throughout the week. While watching the films I begin to really see the entrepreneurial and the business mindset that was an important aspect within the film’s storyline. Even though the film saga revolves around crime the business element speaks loudly and illustrates that entrepreneurship was an integral part of the Corleone crime empire. Read More Lessons Learned from The Godfather

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