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It’s approximated 7 billion people live in this world. How many of these people do you think actually contribute to the economic productivity within this world? Definitely not all, but does even half of the population have a significant contribution towards the economy? No, not even half. The world does not operate in this manner, and due to that fact only a small percentage of people have the opportunity to explore the abundance of this man-made world. The rest of us just get to sit back and wonder what if… Read More How to Create Your Own Economy

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If you are dependent on one source of income I highly recommend that you discontinue the habit. In today’s economic environment, the volatile nature of uncertainty leads to the disruption of the normality in which people are accustomed to living within. That means when something is seen as normal it becomes a part of your natural function, leading you to believe its process is unchanging. Since we are talking about income; I will describe how careers and jobs become an illusionary trap in which people become fooled by their outward perception of stability. Read More Why a Diverse Income Stream is Needed

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Being known as an expert and recognized for your ability to work efficiently in your particular field of trade no matter what challenges are presented is a highly sought after attribute. Having expertise status means that you are capable of performing better than your competitors and are vastly skilled at ensuring no problem goes unresolved. The acclaim that comes with such recognition has many people wildly proclaiming to be experts on various topics in order to gain a steady following which subsequently can lead to financial success. This growing claim of experts though has led many to become skeptical of all these so-called experts, who know nothing more than what the average person does. Lies and deception can only go so far and in the end bring more lose than gain. Read More Becoming a True Expert

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Lately you might be hearing the terms “entrepreneurial mindset” and “think like an entrepreneur” being used a lot. Viewing things within an entrepreneur lens and operating like an entrepreneur has become the latest trend or better yet the latest business philosophy. This way of thinking and doing things is now being identified as the best way to produce innovative ideas and to help towards developing a vibrant job market. But what many people want to know is; “what is entrepreneurial thinking and how do I acquire it?” Read More What is Entrepreneurial Thinking?

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When you think about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship what do you envision? In all likelihood you picture an individual doing what they love to do and living the life they want to live. It is the common image of entrepreneurship that has been put into our heads that makes us believe being an entrepreneur is all peaches and cream. The reality of the fact though is that entrepreneurship involves more than a good idea about how to enhance or change an existing situation. Entrepreneurship is about having an idea, formalizing that idea and having that idea be accepted by your target market. Read More Ambitions of the Entrepreneur

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, entrepreneurship consist of mastering the art of the hustle. Many people say they are on their hustle and grind but it is nothing but big talk. A true hustle speaks for itself and does not have to be verified through elaborate talk that aims to embellish your self-proclaimed persona. Hustling is not meant for everyone because it demands an intense focus and requires you to perform on a high level consistently. Many people hate working hard for 30 minutes so imagine working hard for days that turn into years. Can you do that? Are you willing to do that? Read More Your Hustle Game is Weak!!!

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Most often you will hear entrepreneurs say they saw a potential opportunity and went after it aggressively and strategically. Many people have the same opportunities before them but do not realize it or take cautious steps towards them. Some try to weigh the opportunity cost associated with their future potential standing and their current standing. That is a smart thing to do but most times thinking too much constrains your ability to actually take risk that can lead to new and greater beginnings. I know in these current economic times risk is a word that is not warmly welcomed but it cannot be separated from entrepreneurship. If you are serious about delving into entrepreneurship understand opportunity usually comes with risk which you must leverage in your favor.

When stepping into entrepreneurship come equipped with heart, hustle and the ability to foresee opportunities where others cannot. Even Read More Turn That Opportunity Into Success

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