Who actually pursues an opportunity knowing they might fail? Hardly anyone but the risk of failure is always a possibility when dealing with entrepreneurship. That is what many individuals fear most when contemplating about pursuing the entrepreneurial journey. If you fail you seem like a complete failure that does not know what they are doing and this produces the fear of what you feel others will negatively think about your risky choices. You could have chosen the safe route like everyone else and became an employee but no you had to be different is what you are thinking. If you fail you will lose all faith in yourself and rationalize that you do not have what it takes to be called an entrepreneur. Once that feeling eats away at you sometimes you can never move forward and face the risk of uncertainty. So now you are deathly scared to take a plunge that could possibly swallow your hopes and ambitions along with your pride. Read More Scared to Fail, Unwilling to Succeed

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Opportunities are the possibilities that await us if we chose to pursue their potential offerings. We all have opportunity in front of us at a certain point or points in our lives and many of us forgo taking part in its process. It is that ever nagging fear of something new and unknown that holds us back, causing us to be more comfortable with those things we are familiar with. Then as others move forward and progress successfully in their own lives; we are left wondering why we cannot find the same results. Foolishly though, instead of realizing our own shortcomings, we come up with jealous reasons as to why others live the life we want to live. They either cheated, lied, slept with this person, stole from that person; whatever idea we can produce in our mind that lessens the shine of their life compared to your own. Truthfully you are being a hater not realizing you should be upset with your own lack of ambition to grasp the opportunities sitting in front of you. Read More Realizing Your Opportunity

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College was and to some extent still seen as the best option one has as far as producing a successful future. Many of us can recall that from the time we were young, going to college was seen as the only option to partake in after graduating high school. From parents to teachers we were constantly told how great college is and how it leads to a bright, vibrant future. Pretty much all of us ate this vision up hungrily and could not wait for our chance to become a part of this stepping stone into a great life. Recently though it seems many of us have awaken from the dream, stepped into reality and have been forced to think out loud “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED.” Read More The College Issue

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