Hiring another person for your business gives you another mouth to feed. Sometimes this may be necessary, but sometimes, there are other things you can do to get the help you need. If you want another person to be totally responsible for, go ahead and hire them! If you don’t, you probably want to consider the following options.

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Small Business

One of the most challenging aspects of entrepreneurship can be knowing your place. When building our own small-to-medium-sized business (especially our first), the temptation can be to micro-manage everything, which is the surest way to a complete nervous breakdown.


Determining which day-to-day tasks to manage ourselves, which to defer to our employees and which to outsource is an important skill for entrepreneurs to develop and will depend largely on the size of your enterprise, your personal skill set and the capabilities of your employees.


When starting out, our first instinct will often be to ameliorate costs but as any economist will tell you, you can’t cut your way to growth.


Prudently investing in outsourcing the right aspects of your business will allow you to invest your time and attention on steering the ship and ensuring that your business as the strategy and infrastructure to excel.





Underestimate the impact that a clean and tidy workplace has on productivity at your peril! The health and safety implications of an unclean workplace are self-explanatory. The last thing you need, especially when starting out, is to lose staff hours to illness. A clean and tidy workplace is also proven to increase worker productivity. You might think that dashing around with a vacuum cleaner and duster at the end of the day is all your business needs but the reality is that in cleaning, as with most things, it’s best to bring in the professionals.


Cleaning solutions for businesses are flexible and surprisingly affordable. We recommend Phoenix Cleaning Company who have over 40 years experience in business cleaning and also offer porter services, post construction clean-ups and floorcare services.


Accountancy and Bookkeeping

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