A few decades ago, if you had a business, it was more or less a given that you’d have a physical office as well. These days, however, mobile devices, the dawn of the cloud, and various other shifts in technology have meant that having physical premises is no longer necessary. However, there are still good reasons why you may want to move your business to a physical office. Here are a few of the major pros and cons to consider…


The Pros

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Meetings and Client Intimacy – One of the most obvious pros of having a physical office is that it allows you to host meetings with your clients, and showcase the state of your business. Any prospective client or partner is going to feel much more inclined to play ball surrounded by your happy, hardworking employees, your quality office furniture, and contemporary art. Furthermore, you’ll be able to pick on subtle cues as to how negotiations are going. You can’t read body language over email, after all!

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