There’s no doubt that the world of business can frequently be a stressful one. If you’ve spent much of your adult life working in offices, you may know only too well the kind of heightened environment they can easily become. Everyone is working towards the same goal, yet mistakes happen, and disputes end up arising along the way – not to mention the all-too-regular dash of office politics. When you’re sitting pretty at the head of business, this kind of thing usually doesn’t affect you. But if you are an employee taken on by someone else’s company, you can often end up getting dragged into situations you would otherwise rather avoid. Employers may love to deny it, but so much of a company’s success and productivity lies in its peer to peer relationships. If you are unhappy at work and feel as though you are being singled out – whether it’s constant reappraisals for things that are not
to do with you, or something else – you have every right to do something about it. Here is a three-point plan to help you cope when you feel you are being treated unfairly at work, and what you can do to turn your situation around.

Ask yourself if you’re simply paranoid

Paranoia and oversensitivity have a lot to answer for in the average workplace. You often get those employees in offices who slyly try to compete with their colleagues and friends. Taking on excessive amounts of overtime (more than is required) and bragging about how late they stayed in the office the night before are classic examples of this type of behavior. More often than not, it is done to make other colleagues feel like they are not working hard enough. Consider whether you have simply become too sensitive to this type of targeting. If you work the hours you are asked to and you’re dedicated and precise, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

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As an employer, whether you have a team of 10 or 1,000, it’s essential to take steps to get the best out of your employees. If your team works for you, the chance of your business being successful will be much greater. If you’re keen to let your stars shine, here are some hacks to help you get the best performance out of your team.


Setting clear goals

Setting goals is a tried and tested method to increase productivity and motivation. If you have targets you want to hit, it’s important to ensure that everyone knows what they are, and how you can about achieving them as a collective. If there’s confusion, this could delay the process or even prevent you from reaching that goal. If you’ve got sales targets, for example, organize a meeting to discuss them, send out an email memo, and encourage people to come to you or contact their line manager if they have any questions or queries. If you’re on the same page, you’ll get jobs done faster.

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The nature of running a business is such that nothing is unimportant. If you are a small business owner and you keep your own accounts, or you hire an accountant to do it for you, you will know that everything costs money and that every purchase makes a difference. Whatever your revenue is, it will be reduced every time you decide to buy something as modest as a stapler. That is why successful business people are also sensible with their money. You need to have a great attention to detail if you are going to make your business as profitable as it can be. While lots of things may not seem important, they all add up, and if you have a rather laissez-faire attitude towards the small things, they will soon accumulate together a become a big problem. While being parsimonious or miserly often has a rather unflattering connotation, the fact is that it is just good practice.

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Company culture is essential to running a business that actually has a direction and goals. People need to be on the same page with the same values and attitudes. It doesn’t prohibit differences, but it makes sure that the fundamental aspects of the business are shared by all. The working environment, the methods, and the leadership style all influence the culture. But the biggest influence is the people themselves. You need to make sure they fit the culture.

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Choose for the fit

When hiring, you need to select your hires based on more than just their abilities, qualifications, and soft skills. Think about the interview questions that assess whether or not they’re a cultural fit, as well. Be on the lookout for signs of self-aggrandizing or an overly competitive nature. These kinds of cultural warning signs can be even better spotted by interviewing applicants in pairs.


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Creating the right environment at work is so important but often overlooked. If you run your own business it’s in your best interests to create the right environment. Not only could the right atmosphere increase productivity and efficiency, it will also make your staff happier. A happier workforce makes for a far more successful company than an unhappy one. Moreover creating the perfect environment at work includes making it safer too. So if you want to create the optimal work environment, here’s how to go about it…


Safety First

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