Busy, busy, busy! As entrepreneurs and professionals we love to be busy because we equate that to being productive and working towards success. And what better way to show you are busy then by being in back to back meetings. Multiple meetings every week or everyday means we are putting our face in front of potential buyers and decision makers. So we want to make sure we are involved in as many meetings as possible. Who wouldn’t want to be busy meeting new people? Is it a bad thing to be meeting people frequently and spreading the message about your business and the value you and your business bring? Read More Maximizing Your Meetings Infograph

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As entrepreneurs and business professionals we can be overwhelmed with busy schedules and hectic lives which pull our attention in ten different areas. One of the most frustrating aspects of being busy is having the feeling that your time is not being used efficiently. One of those exact moments are when you are traveling back and forth from the office to different destinations or when stuck in traffic on the way to an important meeting. It’s frustrating to feel like you are not using your time in the most productive manner, especially when it seems like your current surroundings inhibit you from doing just that. Read More Business Productivity on The Road Infograph

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