I used to go to a lot of networking events in the past. At these events, I would meet a lot of entrepreneurs who were in various stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

There were many individuals who were thinking about starting a business, some who just started a business, and a few who were seasoned entrepreneurs.

What would stand out is how many people were struggling in their business. If they didn’t tell you outright that they were struggling, you could tell by how clueless they would come off when talking about their business.

When I say clueless, I mean that their business didn’t seem fine-tuned. They were basically in the process of hoping shit stuck to the wall so they could make a lot of money in the process.

I find it quite alarming how many entrepreneurs depend on hope and wishes to carry their business towards success. I’m not saying hope is a bad thing. We all hope that our businesses turn out to be what we envisioned.

But, hope and a planned strategy are two completely different things.

I used to work within a small business where people would do a lot of talking and hoping, but there was no strategy in place to execute upon what was discussed.

Then when things would not turn out as talked about, everyone was clueless as to why bad results were produced.

Bad results happened because the business sucked.

Why did the business suck? Because it did not operate as a real business.

So many people are playing at being an entrepreneur.  Their struggling business is a reflection of this playful effort.

You can’t suck at being an entrepreneur and really expect to have a successful business. You’re insane if you believe bullshit produces gold.

Sadly, many aspiring entrepreneurs are misinformed about the entrepreneurial process. Their misguided mindset and mediocre work ethic produces a business that sucks

The question you might be asking yourself, “Does my business suck?”

If you have to question the status of your business then it most likely does suck.

But, if you need further confirmation to verify if your business sucks, continue reading to find out exactly why it sucks. Read More 4 Reasons Your Business Sucks