Today is July 4th, Independence Day, the day America gained its freedom. Today will also be the day you say your independence was declared. It is time for you to battle your oppressors, loosen your constraints and march towards your liberation. In order to do this though, you must match actions with words. It is one thing to say you want to be independent but it is another thing to fight for such a distinction. Read More Today is Your Independence Day

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Nearly all of us say that we want to be the best that we can be and achieve great things. In reality though, the majority of us rarely do so. It is said that you can do whatever you want to do as long as you put your mind to it; the problem is that such a statement seems like wishful thinking when most try to apply the notion. Just as it is said we all have the potential to be great but can that opinion be truthful for all of us? Read More Are You Living Up to Your Potential?

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Who actually pursues an opportunity knowing they might fail? Hardly anyone but the risk of failure is always a possibility when dealing with entrepreneurship. That is what many individuals fear most when contemplating about pursuing the entrepreneurial journey. If you fail you seem like a complete failure that does not know what they are doing and this produces the fear of what you feel others will negatively think about your risky choices. You could have chosen the safe route like everyone else and became an employee but no you had to be different is what you are thinking. If you fail you will lose all faith in yourself and rationalize that you do not have what it takes to be called an entrepreneur. Once that feeling eats away at you sometimes you can never move forward and face the risk of uncertainty. So now you are deathly scared to take a plunge that could possibly swallow your hopes and ambitions along with your pride. Read More Scared to Fail, Unwilling to Succeed

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In the world there are two distinctive groups of people: those who take action and those who just talk. The group labeled the talkers is what dominates the world and is what creates the great divide we see in the world today. What is this divide exactly? The divide I speak of is the separation of those living life and those just existing in life. Living meaning that you are experiencing life with full potential; not having to question what could have been. Existing meaning that life passes you by and you constantly wonder what it feels like to take a risk. Are you the later of the two? Are you constantly worried about what if that you steer clear of doing anything that is not of the norm for you? Read More Stop Contemplating On Pursuing the Idea

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Most often you will hear entrepreneurs say they saw a potential opportunity and went after it aggressively and strategically. Many people have the same opportunities before them but do not realize it or take cautious steps towards them. Some try to weigh the opportunity cost associated with their future potential standing and their current standing. That is a smart thing to do but most times thinking too much constrains your ability to actually take risk that can lead to new and greater beginnings. I know in these current economic times risk is a word that is not warmly welcomed but it cannot be separated from entrepreneurship. If you are serious about delving into entrepreneurship understand opportunity usually comes with risk which you must leverage in your favor.

When stepping into entrepreneurship come equipped with heart, hustle and the ability to foresee opportunities where others cannot. Even Read More Turn That Opportunity Into Success

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