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As a business owner, you want to keep costs down while also bringing in as much cash as possible. It’s something every successful startup will have to balance, and by cutting costs, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to keep track of finances and even bring more money in. Consider including a few of these simple habits below in your daily routine; to protect your hard earned money while making business prosper.


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2 million pre-orders in 24 hours is what Apple recorded for the long-awaited arrival of its much-anticipated iPhone 5. That is double the amount of pre-order sales recorded last year for the iPhone 4. Insane right? During these trying economic times it speaks volumes about what can be accomplished with the right formula in your possession. Apple seems to have found the right formula when it comes to the products it provides and the messages of innovation that go hand in hand with their production. Apple’s two main attractions; the iPhone and iPad always seem to produce hyper anticipation but why is this so? Simply put they understand the needs and wants of their market? Read More Why Apple’s iPhone 5 Set a Sales Record

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