You started a business to make money.

Not just small money either.

You want to get PAID!

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to generate less money than you did as an employee.

It can even be extremely disappointing when you make the same amount of money you did as an employee because you are working 10x harder.

When you earn such a small amount of money, it defeats the purpose of becoming an entrepreneur.

Sadly, a lot of entrepreneurs aren’t making a lot of money.

Being completely honest, a lot of entrepreneurs are struggling to make ends meet every month.

This can be very sobering if you believed that entrepreneurship would enable you to produce a comfortable lifestyle.

You didn’t think that you would be making Bill Gates money, but you believed earning 6 figures was a reasonable goal that could be accomplished.

The problem is that you aren’t currently earning 6 figures. You’re not making anywhere near that amount of money.

You’re a struggling entrepreneur who is struggling to validate your reason for staying committed to your struggling business.

That’s a lot of struggle to deal with! Read More How to Identify & Communicate Your Business’s Value