Many nascent entrepreneurs find themselves gravitating towards the service industry. The ubiquity of bars, restaurants and clubs combined with the glitzy image of successful celebrity chefs and restaurateurs from Ken Hom to Gordon Ramsey adds an unrealistic showbiz veneer to what is, in reality a punishing and capricious business landscape. While it’s absolutely true that fame and fortune can be found in the catering industry, it’s far from the harsh reality that most in the business experience every day.

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If you combine culinary ability with a savvy business mind, the restaurant business can be very lucrative. After all, people aren’t going to stop needing to be fed any time soon. But don’t be bewitched by fantasies of high profits, wealth and status. In order to make a success of your restaurant you’ll need to go into the business with your eyes wide open.

Before you start scouring mama’s recipe books and scouting for the right premises, you’ll need to ask yourself these serious questions…

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