Writing a business plan is probably the most difficult bit of starting your own business. You have to meticulously plan and forecast for the future for a business you haven’t even started yet. Then you have to get onto the financials, which means you need to have a budget plan for your business. Many businesses fail in their first year and sometimes this is due to a lack of the right financial planning. Taking advice from the bank or an independent financial consultant can make a huge difference to the way you plan the budget for your business.

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Budgeting for your business is so much more than just planning for the next payroll cycle. When you first plan your budget and open a business, there are financial fires all over the place that you will have to control and put out, so that you don’t go under. By failing to plan your finances, you will end up failing your finances – which is not something a new company wants to do! Maintaining a good financial plan will allow you as the business owner to control the cash flow, so that you are managing the money rather than having the money manage you.

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